Entering Slow Time

Travel + Holiday Weekend + Guest of Honor spot at InConJunction = Don’t expect much here through Sunday. I may post an entry or two, but then again I might not. Likewise comments.

For those of you who are Americans: Happy Independence Day tomorrow. For those of you who are Britians, Happy Holy Crap We Lost a Lot of Real Estate Day tomorrow. Everyone else, um, well, happy Friday tomorrow, I suppose.

And here’s Athena, from 2006:

Gotta love the classics, man.

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  1. For us Britons that live in the USA, it’s technically Former Colonial Overlord Heritage Day that we celebrate tomorrow.

  2. […] The Last Colony by John Scalzi […]

    A book / trilogy review (very positive).
    Thank you for writing them.

    Happy Independence Day!


  3. My English cousins have always just called it the “we didn’t really want it anyway” war.

  4. You know, we didn’t officially lose the real estate until September 3rd.

    Have a good day!

  5. Before I switched my allegiance from one side of the Atlantic to the other, I used to claim that July 4th was when the UK celebrates Thanksgiving.

  6. Chris,

    January 14, 1784 actually. Although to be fair you were gracious enough to turn over the keys a bit early. On behalf of my countrymen let me say thank you.

    And might I suggest “Holy Crap. They’re really serious about this thing” day.

  7. Hmmm…we have always wished our friends ‘Good Riddance Day’, but I have to say I like ‘Former Colonial Overlord Heritage Day’ rather more. Thanks!

  8. I’ve heard your little stoush was less a war of independence than the second English civil war. Of course the victors can call it what they like. Enjoy the day anyway.

  9. As a Brit with friends in the Mid-West, and a real love for the US, Happy Independence Day!

    As a former ‘Colonial Overlord, I always remember a quote from one of our best radio sketch shows:

    “The best thing the Vikings ever did was to discover America – and keep quiet about it!”

  10. My main squeeze is from the US, but the main reason we celebrate July 4th is because his folks got married then – lots of fireworks were set off all around the country on the day of their marriage, which sort of set the tone for the thing itself, mostly in a good way. Mostly.

    Tonight, we dine on American Food in congenial company (I’m taking Mormon Funeral Potatoes and Southern Fried Chicken.). Yay, and safe and happy whatever to all on Whatever.

  11. Normally I don’t approve of wrapping yourself in the flag, but that really is a good picture of Athena. She looks like she’s practicing for her victory lap at the 2024 Olympics.

  12. Athena doesn’t look nearly patriotic enough. What sort of communist are you raising over there in the Scalzi compound?

    Happy Various Anniversaries Week, all you Americans, Canadians and Habitants!

  13. — So America is now a nation? Well, we must get used to it. I have known stranger things. I once saw a calf with five legs.

    – George III (Nigel Hawthorne) in Alan Bennett’s The Madness of George III

  14. I can’t remember where I picked up the habit, but I’ve always referred to it as Ungrateful Day.

  15. I suppose Athena is now old enough to realize that she should treat the American flag with a bit more respect than she did when this picture was taken. (I hope that doesn’t sound like a put-down — or like I’m a great upholder of the Flag Code, much less of the silly “the map _is_ the territory” jingoist symbology.)

  16. She’s not doing anything that adult Olympic medalists don’t do, Don.

    She’s aware of the Flag Code, yes. But I think her thinking is her enthusiasm for the flag allows her some wiggle room on the specifics.

  17. For those of you who are Britians, Happy Holy Crap We Lost a Lot of Real Estate Day tomorrow.

    Or rather “I suppose the French need to win one that counts occasionally even if they need to use our best surviving officers” day.

  18. I am now desperately craving a Mormon Funeral Potato. Whatever that may be. Mmmm. I hope there’s cheese.

  19. I am thinking that if a youngster isn’t disrespecting the flag, then it is okay to have less than strict adherence to the Flag Code. Especially when it looks like exuberant joy.

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