Zoe’s Tale Wallpaper

The folks at Tor.com are offering up a free computer wallpaper for folks, featuring John Harris’ art for Zoe’s Tale. Yes, now you can revel in the orange and green-ness of my book’s cover, right on your computer! It’s starship explody-licious. Get it in the next week, because that’s just how long it’ll be up.

The Tor.com folks have also announced their target launch date: July 20, 2008. If all goes according to plan, there will be cool stuff there then (if it doesn’t go to plan, there will be cool stuff there a couple days later). And if you suspect that I might be part of that launch, you would be suspecting correctly. Just how I shall not reveal now. But I think you will like it.

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  1. Nice.

    I have an original John Harris on my wall (his final colour sketch for the UK edition of Schismatrix) – now I can have one on my laptop!

  2. Yes. The 40th anniversary of the first moon landing is a highly appropriate date to re-launch a Science Fiction website. Yes, highly.

  3. I discovered you because of the free non-DRM e-book copy of Old Man’s War Tor made available to promote their new website.

    All I’m wishing for is that they base their e-book sales model on Baen Books’ http://www.webscription.net: No DRM, multiple formats, and reasonably priced. The free samples Tor has been distributing is certainly encouraging.

    Since I got the free download of Old Man’s War I have also read Agent to the Stars online, purchased and read The Android’s Dream (paperback), The Ghost Brigades (paperback) and purchased, but not yet read, The Last Colony (hardcover).

    That’s 2 free samples, and 3 sales. Although I would much have preferred e-books instead of the two paperbacks.

  4. My guess for John’s involvement with the launch: Free John Scalzi bobbleheads!

  5. And if you suspect that I might be part of that launch, you would be suspecting correctly. Just how I shall not reveal now.

    As long as it doesn’t involve speaking through a cat’s anus…

    (I can’t forget that post. I try but I CAN’T.)

  6. Not related to the post at hand, but FYI: Your Atom feed seems to be broken. Since around the 20th of June if I go by the last post that my reader picked up. RSS 2.0 still works, but it truncates the posts. Bleh.

    Happy 4th!

  7. I saw the inside of Tor.com last night! We were Doctor Who marathoning and my best friend (who works at Tor – on the site) was working late into the evening to get artist bio’s up because the server was down all day. So I got to SEE it.

    It are pretty.

  8. Critter42,

    July 20, 1969


    got my weekly TOR goodiness e-mail this morning…added the Zoe’s Tale wallpaper to my “my pictures” slideshow I use as my screensaver…cool cool-y coolness indeed.

  9. I don’t know, as spaceship-explodiness goes, Baen’s original .gif flipbook of Honor Harrington’s spaceship blowing to teeny-tiny flinders is still #1 with a bullet (so to speak).

    Jack Tingle

  10. John,

    Is there any chance that Tor.com will support the Sony reader format for their new electronic books?

  11. It’s because her smoke rose up forever. A law of SF- cover-art papyrodynamics.

  12. Maybe it’s in atmosphere? Like when Adama jumped the Galactica into the atmosphere of New Caprica?

    Anywayz, I was definitely excited when I opened up my Tor email this morning and saw it. I was also excited when I finally realized that I could put Acrobat reader on my Treo and read all the Tor books I’ve gotten on my PHONE.

    Man, the future is awesome. As a young geek I never would have thought that I’d be reading sci-fi books on my portable phone.

  13. Actually, I just wanted to add a shout-out for the other free wallpaper offered by Tor.com this week, the Chris McGrath’s cover for Red by Jordan Summers, which is very different from the Zoe’s Tale wallpaper but just as awesome.

    Anyway, looking forward to Zoe’s Tale.

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