Soon to Ohio

InConJunction has been lovely, but at some point in the reasonably near future we will depart from Indianapolis and wind our way back toward Ohio and home. I’ll give a full report on the convention later, but for now just know that if you weren’t here, you totally missed out. I hope you had a good weekend anyway.

8 Comments on “Soon to Ohio”

  1. According to google maps, it’s a 2 hour, six minute drive home. So you there yet?

  2. Chris:

    We in fact arrived just about as you were posting your message.


    No flooded roads. Were there supposed to be flooded roads?

  3. InConJunction is, indeed, a great con, and it’s been too long since I’ve attended. Right now I’m looking forward to Context and, of course, Millennicon next year. See you there!


  4. Ooh, sorry for the double post. It looked like it blowed up after I tried to post with italics tags.