Too Cool Not to Share Immediately

As noted, a longer write-up on InConJunction is coming up later, but for now, dig on this:

A sketch of yours truly from Howard Tayler, of Schlock Mercenary fame, who was also a Guest of Honor at the convention this weekend. I especially love that he drew me with hair.

Everyone who looked upon it said “dude, that would make an excellent LiveJournal icon.” I agree, although for clarity, one needs to fiddle with the word bubble:

Expect this to start showing up on my LiveJournal comments soon.

In any event, very cool of Howard to do the sketch. Give him link love and go visit his site, please, if in fact you do not visit it already.

15 Comments on “Too Cool Not to Share Immediately”

  1. It also looks like a scetch of my 5th and 6th grade teacher. Very Cool and i bookmarked his sight because it looked bad ass.

  2. Squeeeee!

    I heart Schlock Mercenary so, so, SO much. I’ve been re-re-re-re-etc.-reading the archives instead of working this weekend.

    Seriously, if anybody on this site hasn’t started reading it, you totally should. It’s masterfully done sci-fi that’s both compelling and completely hilarious, where the main character is an ambulatory pile of crap* with an overbearing love of plasma cannons (and Ovalquik). There’s strong AIs, crazy mad science, evil koalas, government conspiracies, genocidal dark matter from another galaxy, perpetually-pissed pachyderms, and explosions. Lots of explosions. It’s about interstellar mercenaries, after all.

    *Actually, he’s from a race of organic memory banks that turned sentient and evolved into masters of, uh, pile-to-pile chemical warfare. Which is even cooler than it sounds.

  3. Howard is awesomecakes. He drew a picture of me, completely unasked, after my first fiction sale. And Schlock Mercenary is sheer unadulterated genius.

  4. One of these days I just have to catch Howard and have him do the same for me. Since he hangs out maybe 1 mile from my work every Friday at a comic shop, it should be easy. Of course I have been saying that for years now.

    For now seems I only see him at a Sam’s Club.

    Oh and buy stuff. Right now I am thinking about the nice signs he just released. I think they would accent my desk quite nicely.

  5. Haha so cool. I’m another schlocker from before the bacon-cat days. I was hoping you two would meet up. Now we have to worry about what diabolical plan you two came up with.

  6. Sigh. You have livejournal too? I can’t keep up! What’s the link, so I can have another place to go looking for trouble?

  7. Gennita Low @ 8: He doesn’t post there as a rule, but it has been used to notify folks when this site is down.

  8. I’m glad you like the sketch, John.

    Story for the rest of you… a 10-year-old girl was asking about the markers on my table, and I explained that I had just finished using them to draw a picture of that guy over there (pointing at John) and that she should go ask to look at it.

    John held it up next to his head and did his best “blah blah blah” for her, and I regretted not having a video camera running. Life imitated art, and far surpassed it.

    InConjunction was fun, and it was great to see you again, John! Oh, and I finished the ARC of Zoe’s Tale on the plane. I laughed, I cried, and I don’t think I suffered at all from not yet having read The Last Colony. There were a few bits that felt over-expository (tell vs show) but they worked well in context.

  9. The “whatever” in the word balloon is rather appropriate, but where Howard really nails it is with the “blah, blah, blah, blah.” You should have left that in.

  10. Well, you know. “Whatever” is a selling point, here.

    Incidentally, Howard zapped me over a fix on the little icon, which I will show all y’all a little bit later.

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