Tom Easton on Zoe’s Tale

Tom Easton, who has written book reviews for Analog for three decades, is also putting up book reviews on his own site, and today turns his attention to Zoe’s Tale. The review has a couple of minor spoilers but ends nicely: “if enough young people read this book, it could have a salutary effect on the next generation.” I agree, and recommend a copy of the book be issued to every single member of the next generation, preferably via their local bookstore.

(PS: yes, actually am still busy today and won’t be back until later this afternoon. But this was a nice find and I thought I’d share it quickly.)

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  1. I read it on the plane (John generously provided me with an ARC at InConJunction) and it’s a great book. I’m planning to share it with my 13-year-old daughter in the hope that she will be able to solve the world’s problems a few years before her generation is supposed to be in charge of that.

    Thanks again for the book, John!

  2. Dear Mr. Scalzi,

    I managed to spend my 4th of July at the edge of a lake in Michigan watching my daughter, Marinda, do “pretty things with sun and water” (to quote R.A.H.). I put “Old Man’s War” in the bag to possibly re-read in case my current new book bogged down (that sounds like a slight but it is not – I was simply getting impatient with myself for spending the summer revisiting old favorites like yours rather than trying something unknown). But I realized once I had arrived that my brother-in-law, Mike, was going to be there as well. And I remembered last year telling Mike, a retired Army Lt. Col., Iraq veteran and walking example of what I would LIKE the military to be, about your books and, seizing, the opportunity plunked it down in front of him to see how he would react. I have never seen him read so continuously – he ate it up and thanked me (?!) warmly. So, thanks! (more properly, to you). And thanks twice because I grabbed it back to re-read and put off “the serious literary unknown” for a while yet again. This time through my pace was slower and new things stand out. I was particularly touched by John Perry’s explanation to Jane of what happens when someone you love dies. I am at an age (58) when Death begins to pay me more personal (if glancing) visits and I found your words ringing very true. And I put them aside carefully for my self or for someone close to me at some time in the future. I find my own capacity for wisdom to be unreliable at best so I am content to collect it from others as I find it (with full attribution, of course).


    Dan Hanson

  3. I am waiting rather impatiently to buy and read Zoe’s Tale. No borrowing from the library or borrowing from a friend. I would have loved to get an ARC some how but my timing sucks.
    Nope, straight out and buy as soon as available. Why, you may ask?

    Because, John, Jane, and of course, Zoe rock!

    and so do you Admiral Scalzi ;)

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