Daily Archives: July 8, 2008

Zoe at SFReviews.net

T.M. Wagner of SFReviews.net weighs in on Zoe’s Tale and has some really nice things to say, among them: Zoe’s Tale comes the closest any writer has come to writing an honest-to-God Heinlein juvenile. Scalzi’s Heinlein influence has been made much of before. But here, the fidelity to the aesthetic of those classic books is […]

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Proving My Point That Everything Bacon-Related Gets Sent to Me Sooner or Later

Via my friend Craig Salonen: The Flying Chocolate Pig. Which doesn’t really fly (unless you modify it heavily), but which does, in fact, include bacon under its chocolately exterior. Not to live up to my own press, but, yeah, I’d eat this. Now that I’ve posted about it, none of the rest of you need […]

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Post-Voting Hugo Thoughts

Well, that was quick. From e-mail: Voting for the Hugos is over, so now you can tell us: Do you think you’ll win? Honestly? Nah. I mean, I could win, either for Best Novel or Best Fan Writer, and I’d be happy either way. Awards are fun, and it’s nice to stand on stage and […]

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Advance Warning: August = Head Down

So, I’m looking at my August schedule and I’m apparently spending at least two weeks of that month traveling and/or promoting Zoe’s Tale, and somewhere in there I’m actually supposed to be finished with The High Castle (which at the moment appears, um, optimistic). So while I don’t expect to disappear completely in August — […]

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