Proving My Point That Everything Bacon-Related Gets Sent to Me Sooner or Later

Via my friend Craig Salonen: The Flying Chocolate Pig. Which doesn’t really fly (unless you modify it heavily), but which does, in fact, include bacon under its chocolately exterior. Not to live up to my own press, but, yeah, I’d eat this.

Now that I’ve posted about it, none of the rest of you need to tell me about it. Thanks, though.

12 Comments on “Proving My Point That Everything Bacon-Related Gets Sent to Me Sooner or Later”

  1. Semi-related: a couple of months ago I had Bacon-Chocolate Ice Cream. Delicious!

  2. Hey John have you heard about this chocolate pig?!…
    Oh. You have…

    {Goes back to trawling google for bacon related weirdness…}

  3. Anonymous: So John when does “Your Hate Mail Will Not Be Graded” come out?

    I don’t think I’ll even bother writing hatemail if its Not going to be graded.
    Maybe I’ve just got to dig deep and find more hate.

  4. I think Mr. Scalzi missed the joke…

    i.e. No hate mail has been graded thus far.

  5. I’ve gotten truffles from Vosges (purchased as a gift for me by my loving daughter). They are very good so I would expect that their Flying Chocolate Pig would be quite worth it. I’m not as excited about chocolate and bacon together but I’d be willing to give this product a try if offered a piece.

  6. On the off chance that Whateverites haven’t already inundated you with this particular bit of down-home bacony goodness, here is Chicken Fried Bacon. Worth watching, if only for the moral(!) questions answered by CFB-creator Frank Sodalak, and especially this line:

    He’s force-feeding America a much-needed dose of personal responsibility.

    Never been there. But now I’ll have to go.

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