Heads Up: Farkination to Ensue

Apparently, the entry detailing my responsibility for online bacon craze will be (or, depending on when you read this, was) Farked at a little bit after 6am this morning. If access to Whatever seems a little choppy, that’s why.

In the meantime, this seems a good a time as any to reflect on the continuing fundamental truth of the following:

Yes. It’s something I’ve learned to live with.

14 Comments on “Heads Up: Farkination to Ensue”

  1. Yep, you never know what thing that you post will grab people’s attention until afterwards. Even after a year and about 80 posts (many of which I spent far more effort on), almost a third of my site traffic is still going to some pictures of wood ticks that we found on the dogs. The internet has a taste for the absurd and the grotesque, doesn’t it?

  2. While it may have been the bacon taped to a cat post that got me to look at your blog, it is the quality of your subsequent posts (and commenters) that keeps me coming back.

  3. What Adelheid said. Except for the bacon bit. Never heard of it before your post a day or so ago. I ended up here because of new about elections a while back. Stayed for the same reasons though.

  4. Congratulations! Getting farked is much classier than getting slashdotted.

  5. I’d seen your blog a few times before the infamous bacon!Ghlaghghee post, but that one was what made your name stick in my mind so I could remember to buy Old Man’s War when I happened across it. Since then, my excellent word of mouth promotion has gained you at least 7 new fans. I suspect this story is far from unique. Respect the bacon cat!

  6. Just for laughs and a bit of arbitrary synchronicity*, every time I buy something from a TotalFaker’s Amazon wishlist they also get a copy of Old Man’s War.

    If AOL & Co brought an Endless September, I’d say TotalFark is where the sophmores hang out. With any luck they’ll have wandered off to the quad to watch some dude play bongos by lunchtime.

    *There’s probably a better way to say that.

  7. Some day in the distant future, at a worldcon in Butte, Montana, they will present you with your 7th Hugo (posthumously) and flash that picture of bacon-on-cat on the screen.

    Some things, you never live down.

  8. Hey, for all I know, if The Last Colony wins a Hugo, it may very well be because you included that very sly reference to the Bacon Cat Incident (Rybicki’s line “I’m saying you might as well have taped bacon to your head and walked into a tiger pit”). That’s both awesome and scary at the same time…

  9. David @ 8: Uh, just out of curiosity, what leads you to buy things off of farker’s wish lists?

    I mean, I already own Old Man’s War though, but just the idea of someone buying me something tickles my brain a bit.

  10. Spherical Time@11 – No particular reason; and of feeling generous, amused by a post, profile or both.

  11. You know, there IS a “preview” button. For previewing comments before you send them. So you can, like, edit them.

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