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I Coin This Word in the Name of Humanity, Part II: Puckerguard

Just checked with Google to see if the word exists out there, and it doesn’t, so today’s new word: Puckerguard. Definition: Well, think about what part of your body puckers. Now think about what guards it. There you go. Update: Some folks feel that the word works better in plural form (“puckerguards”). I think there’s […]

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Maybe They’re on a Book Deadline, Too

Iran appears to have Photoshopped a picture of missiles launching. Oops. I have nothing useful to say about this. It’s just that I Photoshop as a procrastinatory thing, so it makes me wonder if they do too. “Damn it it, I was supposed to have enriched this uranium six days ago! Oh, well. Hey, this […]

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Vin Diesel and Downloadable Books

Another Thursday, another AMC science fiction movie column. In this one, I explain why The Chronicles of Riddick is a perfect example of how not to make a science fiction sequel. Yes, folks, the nerdgassery in this one will be mighty — but in the end you will have learned something for free that Universal […]

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The Unbearable Ridiculousness of Bacon

It’s now official: Two of the top five days that Whatever has had in its entire near-decade run, unique visitorship-wise, have been because of entries concerning bacon. Seriously, here’s the top attendance figures, and the entries that motivated them: 1. Creation Museum Visit (72k) 2. Bacon Cat (66k) 3. Bacon Patient Zero (56k) 4. Wikipedia […]

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