Maybe They’re on a Book Deadline, Too

Iran appears to have Photoshopped a picture of missiles launching. Oops.

I have nothing useful to say about this. It’s just that I Photoshop as a procrastinatory thing, so it makes me wonder if they do too. “Damn it it, I was supposed to have enriched this uranium six days ago! Oh, well. Hey, this rocket photo would really look better with one more rocket.” Click click clickity click.

10 Comments on “Maybe They’re on a Book Deadline, Too”

  1. If photoshopped Israel bombs the photoshopped nuclear facilities of Iran, then Iran will send photoshopped rockets to retaliate?

    Good thing that our photoshopped President warned (in public) Israel not to start that row of photoshopped dominoes.

    WMD = WTF?

  2. Whats weird when you look at the altered and unaltered pictures below is first (there clearly appear to be 4 missiles, but only 3 of them launched at once). However, in the doctored version, the ground dust/smoke is not in undoctored one. I think they probably have another picture somewhere of just the one missile on the truck firing by itself and they put part of that into the doctored image combined with the exhaust from the three-missile photo. If you look at the ground dust/smoke from the far right missle, it’s different in the two pictures. They didn’t take it from the three-missile picture and add it to the four-missile picture. They took it from what I’m hypothesizing is an as-yet-unseen single missle photo. Strange.

  3. Somewhat probable conjecture–Iran sure didn’t want it obvious that one its missiles failed to fire.

    The bottom part of the smoke trail on the added missile looks artificial, and the top is clear copy.

  4. What is strange to me is that Iran thinks all this bluster and lying about military capability is wise. I thought if nothing else that Iraq would be a great example of why that is not the case.

    Is it so culturally ingrained that they are completely unaware of how obvious it is that they are not telling the truth?

    At this rate it wont be long before CNN has some Iranian general on tv talking about how they are crushing the invading forces, while another part of the screen is showing US forces kicking the snot out of the Iranian military.

    It’s like deja vu all over again.

  5. Using the magic of Photoshop, I once took a picture of a cycling teammate in mid-race and put him into a Tour de France sprint finish.

    He was the only rider in the Tour that year who didn’t get busted for EPO.

  6. “Oh, no, Mahmoud! One of our four JewSlayer III ballistic missiles misfired during our test! How will we strike fear into the hearts of the Yankees and Zionists if they know we have a 25% failure rate?”

    “Don’t worry, Faroud. My cousin has Photoshop. He’ll fix it…the infidel dogs will never know.”

  7. There’s some sort of religious incompatibility with Iranians using pork products as missile payloads, I think.

  8. From what I’ve seen, they probably got the original image from an episode of Thunderbirds.

    Nothing like a good bluff to keep one’s enemies out, as Saddam used to say…

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