Daily Archives: July 11, 2008

(oh, okay, just one more thing)

Damn it, I knew this would happen once I told you all I was going away: I would find something I would want to link you all to. I’m a loser. Sue me. But on the other hand, this is too cool to hold off on: A nice, big, chunky review of Zoe’s Tale in […]

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Gone Til Tuesday

Because I’m heading to Chicago on Sunday, which means between now and then I have to finish too much stuff, and then from Sunday to Tuesday I’m going to be spending quality time with Athena in Chicago, and that’s going to be more important and fun than hanging around here. Sorry. Try not to take […]

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Don’t Worry, It’s Just a Mental Recession, You Whiner

Dow Jones below 11,000 for the first time in two years. Have a nice weekend!

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Various and Sundry, 7/11/08

Some things for you to think and/or act on: * So, there’s this “literary agent” out there, named Barbara Bauer, who got angry when people pointed out that as an agent she was very bad, and decided to sue everyone who she thought was being mean to her. To my mind, the chances of her […]

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The Big Idea: Marie Brennan

Holy crap, I nearly got through the whole week without posting a Big Idea piece. And, well, that’s just wrong. So, let me correct this by introducing you to Marie Brennan, whose Midnight Never Come is chock-full of Elizabethan-era faerie goodness (“Stunningly conceived and exquisitely achieved” — Publishers Weekly, in a starred review), and which […]

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