Gone Til Tuesday

Because I’m heading to Chicago on Sunday, which means between now and then I have to finish too much stuff, and then from Sunday to Tuesday I’m going to be spending quality time with Athena in Chicago, and that’s going to be more important and fun than hanging around here. Sorry. Try not to take it too hard. I still like you. Well, kinda. Look, just deal with it.

And since I invoked them in the title, here’s my favorite Til Tuesday song, even though they’re originally from Boston, not Chicago. Oh, well:

Coming Up Close – Til Tuesday

See you Tuesday, probably late. Be good until then. Or at least, interesting.

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  1. Connection: I saw Aimee Mann (of Til Tuesday) in Chicago last fall, great show.

    And if you want to know where to get great bacon, or any other good eats in the Chicago area, please come visit http://lthforum.com where I post as JoelF.

    (LTH stands for “Little” Three Happiness, probably the best Cantonese restaurant in the city, and directly across the street from “Big” Three Happiness, a dim sum tourist trap. LTHForum was originally the gathering place of fans of that restaurant, and has grown to be a place for cooking, drinking, eating, as well as dining out)

  2. I’m pretty familiar with Chicago; I went to school there for four years and come up a couple of times a year (I was last there in March). But thanks!

  3. Too bad Robin is leaving for camp on Monday, otherwise she and Athena might have had a good time getting together.

    Anyway, feel free to give me a call if you have the time. And Melanie will still be available.

  4. no worries – enjoy your stay – not many places are better than Chicago in the summer

  5. Good song choice. As soon I read the subject to this entry, “Coming Up Close” started playing in my head. It was a very pleasant surprise that you had picked that song too :) Enjoy the trip. We’ll keep the blogosphere safe from harm while you are gone.

  6. ’til tuesday! Aimee Mann used to work at Newbury Comics and she’d yell at me for having the audacity to read the comic books in the store. I like her now, I hated her then. (Teen angst at its best.)

  7. Chicago, The Bacon Connection: Hog butcher to the world

    Reading the rest of Sandburg’s poem, is it the painted women, the gunmen killing people with abandon, or the starving children you and Athena plan to see first?

    (Carl Sandburg, Great American Poet. Carl Sandburg, Great American Public Tourism Promoter… no so much.)

    (Come to think of it — pardon me while I switch on the uber-geek portion of my brain — that poem may be a major reason why people who’ve tried to map Batman’s Gotham City to the real world frequently pick Chicago as the closest choice.)

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