Upgrading, 7/15/08

I’m upgrading from WordPress 2.5 to WordPress 2.6 tonight. If you can’t get in, that’s why. Yes, I recognize that if you can’t get in, you won’t read this. But this is actually for the RSS feed people. The people who actually come to visit my site will see the “down for maintenance” splash page.

Before you ask, yes, I am backing up. Me no stupid no more.

Update, 9:19pm: Done. As you were.

16 Comments on “Upgrading, 7/15/08”

  1. The best upgrade is an invisible (to the users) upgrade. Did my three this morning. No problems.

  2. You had to upgrade to get rid of that other background? That must’ve been a helluva a malware infection. :)

  3. I did it this morning as well, using subversion. It was well worth the effort to set up. I did three blogs in three minutes, tops.

  4. Daniel Ross – Hi, I'm Daniel Ross, and I'm a nerd. My big joys in life are learning about new things, figuring out how things work, and making things work better. One of the things I spend a lot of time on in the "making better" column is life in general. I've got political opinions ohboy. I probably won't talk about 'em that much here, though. On my own time, I spend a lot of time exploring and having new experiences. That might be as planned as taking a vacation out into the woods to hike a new trail I read about. It might be as simple as hopping a Muni bus and riding until I don't know where I am, or eating somewhere different every time I go out. I also have a shifting collection of other hobbies. I'm an avid reader, and Someday I Will Write a Novel(™); I make chainmail jewelry; and when all else fails, there's always taking your day job home with you by hobby coding.

    You updgraded WordPress- WordPress!- without mass panic and disaster? You’ve got some kind of powers, man.

  5. Just yesterday I finally got around to upgrading to 2.5.1. Jeez. And I’m a professional, too.

    I typically do not upgrade to .0 versions of stuff. I let the computer peasants like you work out all the problems that get put into the .1 version.

  6. Johne Cook – Wisconsin, USA – Technical writer by day, creative writer and editor by night, I like prog rock, film noir, space opera, and the Green Bay Packers.
    Johne Cook

    Since we’re talking WordPress, where do you get your cool WP background patterns?

  7. I’m thinking of two new SFWA fundraising t-shirt ideas: First, just words that say, “My favorite scifi (fantasy) author went on vacation and all I got was a WordPress upgrade to his (her) blog.” Second shirt, your duck picture header running across the upper torso with the following words underneath: “SFWA. We’ve got attack ducks.”

  8. Ryan Boren – Dripping Springs, Texas – #ActuallyAutistic parent and retired tech worker. Equity literate education, respectfully connected parenting, passion-based learning, indie ed-tech, neurodiversity, social model of disability, design for real life, inclusion, open web, open source. he/they
    Ryan Boren

    If you ever have problems with WordPress, give me a shout and I’ll help.

    Ryan, Lead Dev of WP

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