Summer Vacation Schedule is Officially On

I noted earlier that I’d probably posting substantially less in the month of August, due to travel and promotional committments relating to Zoe’s Tale. Well, I’ve looked at my schedule, my writing deadlines, and my general lullishness regarding posting here at the moment, and I’ve decided that it wouldn’t hurt to actually start my “summer vacation” schedule a couple of weeks early.

So: I’m officially on my Summer Vacation Schedule through the Labor Day holiday.

What does this mean? Basically, that I’ll be posting less, which means either fewer posts or shorter (i.e., more “blog-like”) posts, depending on my mood and schedule. So there will still be stuff here, just a bit less of it, by weight and/or volume. And some days, I may not even post at all. I know! Crazy!

I suspect this will be fine by most of you, since theoretically at the end of it you’ll have another book in the pipeline (The High Castle), and I’ll be a bit more ready to, you know, blog my little brains out.

This will also give me a little time to think about where I want to go next with Whatever, because I’ve had some thoughts on it that I need to think about a bit. Maybe they will amount to nothing, or maybe not. We’ll see.

In any event, for the rest of the summer, less is more. And that’s okay. You should be out playing in the sun anyway, you know?

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle

I’m going to be playing with the WordPress theme around here today. Don’t panic if things look freaky for a while.