Don’t Stop MP3in’, Hold On That Feeling

Via a tip off from Rob Thornton, behold the Journey mp3 player!

Oh, yes, it’s real:

The Zvue Journey comes preloaded with Journey music — 11 of their classic hits (“Any Way You Want It,” “Don’t Stop Believin’,” “Wheel in the Sky,” “Open Arms,” etc.) as well as the 11 songs on their new album Revelation featuring a new vocalist, Arnel Pineda. With a 1GB capacity, the Windows-only Journey also has room for additional MP3, WMA and WAV music, a microphone for recording your most fervent Journey-related musings, a rechargable battery, seven EQ presets and a tiny little speaker.

All for 40 bucks! At Wal-Mart!

I’ve already got the album and an mp3 player, but I’m seriously thinking of buying one just to terrify all my friends. $40 is not too expensive to watch the reactions on their faces.

29 Comments on “Don’t Stop MP3in’, Hold On That Feeling”

  1. Yes, but will the medical bills to cover their treatment when the rational centers of their brains shut down still fall in that scale of being worth it?

  2. Annoyingly, this contains re-recordings with the latest lead singer covering all the hits that they had with Steve Perry.

    It’s a very strange new world we live in. The new lead, Arnel Pineda, was discovered by way of his YouTube covers of Journey songs.

  3. Dood. Jirney sux.

    Now show me one of these things with Seven and the Ragged Tiger preloaded, and you’ve got somethin’.

  4. I’ll have to see if they have a Jimmy Buffett version. Although I already have an i-Pod loaded with Parrothead music.

    Nothing like being on a subway platform loaded with pissed off commuters uncerimoniously dumped off a train for no reason at the height of rush hour, listening to “Fruitcakes” and giggling because it’s SOOOOOO true!!

    Smile, it make people wonder what you’ve been up to, or in this case, what you’re listening to!!

    I’m growing older, but not UP!!

  5. The excuses people devise so they don’t encounter the player a second time may be even more amusing than the initial response.

  6. I think the design is kinda neat, actually. Although it would look totally bitchin painted on the side of a van adorning a bumpersticker that states: “If this van’s a-rocking, don’t come a-knocking.”

  7. I head that they are coming out with a Metallica version that you can’t load ANY songs on…and it comes with a great big tool (a tribute to Lars).

  8. This is interesting – not the Journey part – but releasing music on a device rather than pressing a CD.

    Granted it begs the question: why not just release to iTunes or sell MP3s directly? Who is going to buy a 1gb MP3 player that’s NOT an iPod?

  9. I have a Journey obsessed co-worker who would probably buy that if he weren’t also a Luddite. (which is a little freaky considering we work in TV with computer-type equipment all day, I think he’d be happy to go back to film) I’d be happy if he’d just change his ringtone to something non-Journey, or maybe turn down the volume when he leaves it in his locker so the rest of us don’t have to listen to it full volume every time someone calls him.

  10. Who is going to buy a 1gb MP3 player that’s NOT an iPod?

    You’d be surprised. iPod’s are really not all that great. My walkman kicks the crap out of the nano that I had – and it was cheaper. Better sound quality, more features, less cost – hm. It’s 4 gig, not 1, but that’s a different issue.

  11. It comes with a microphone (for expressing your wanderlusts) but they left out the karaoke tracks? Boy, it goes on and on and on and on.

  12. I have to admit, I’d almost be tempted to get that if it wasn’t being sold at Wal-Mart. Not a bad deterrent to keep me from spending money I don’t have. :P

  13. It’s safe to say that if Journey MP3 players existed 25 years ago, carrying one would get you shoved into a locker, or permanently marked as the guy whom girls constantly tell,” I just want to be friends” around prom time.

    Now, a ZZ Top MP3 Player, with that bitchin’ hot rod on it, that would get you invited to parties, and you’d get laid.

    Journey is a guilty secret pleasure for guys, let’s try and keep it that way.

  14. SFC SKI:

    Nonsense. ZZ Top was the choice for the guys who thought they were acting all cool but in reality hung out in their garages on the weekend, waiting for their dads to go to the bar so they could toke up.

    The Journey dudes, on the other hand, played “Open Arms” and “Who’s Crying Now” to show the girls they were sensitive and caring, and got to at least second base with a regularity that is shocking.

  15. Well, if that is true, I made a mistake in breaking up with a girlfriend over the whole Journey/ZZ Top thing.

    Let me add, if the Journey MP3 player makes you happy, more power to ya.

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