Daily Archives: July 28, 2008

An IM Conversation About Music

Bill Schafer: THE BEST OF NIGHT RANGER has arrived. Me: What the fuck is wrong with you. Bill Schafer: Long list. Little time. At least it’s not the Gary Cherone VH album. Me: I hear that. Bill Schafer: Oh Christ. They’re touring with Air Supply. Me: Bullshit. Bill Schafer: Check Ticketmaster Me: It’s worse than […]

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Blatant Pluggery For Today

Subterranean Press is running one of its occasional “Grab Bag” specials, in which you plunk down $99 and in return get a dozen hardcovers, some new, some classic, some signed and limited, which in aggregate are worth at least $400 retail. Which ones will you get? Well, see. That’s the fun of it. Anyway, if […]

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Keeping Up Appearances

My friendly neighborhood stalkers have been complaining that I’ve not been keeping them sufficiently aware of my public gallivanting for the rest of 2008, so, okay, fine. Here, to the best of my current knowledge, is my appearance schedule through the end of the year. August 6-10: Denvention, Denver, CO: I’ll be doing panels and […]

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