An IM Conversation About Music

Bill Schafer: THE BEST OF NIGHT RANGER has arrived.

Me: What the fuck is wrong with you.

Bill Schafer: Long list. Little time. At least it’s not the Gary Cherone VH album.

Me: I hear that.

Bill Schafer: Oh Christ. They’re touring with Air Supply.

Me: Bullshit.

Bill Schafer: Check Ticketmaster

Me: It’s worse than that. They OPENED for Air supply.

Bill Schafer: You have Journey. I have Night Ranger. We should call it a draw.

Me: Journey never fucking opened for Air Supply.

Bill Schafer: What lead singer are they on now? Shouldn’t they just bill themselves as their own cover band?

Me: No argument in either case. Still: Fucking Air Supply. Seriously. Why not just open for Michael Bolton and just get it over with?

Me: I want to cut and paste this conversation into Whatever. If you’d like I will mask your identity to hide your shame.

Bill Schafer: Fuck no. Out me, you worthless bitch.

Me: I’m only trying to protect you. But, okay. Have it your way.

Bill Schafer: I will call down the NIGHT RANGER legion on you.

Me: That’s you and the creepy guy down your street?

Bill Schafer: Across town. He moved.


Blatant Pluggery For Today

Subterranean Press is running one of its occasional “Grab Bag” specials, in which you plunk down $99 and in return get a dozen hardcovers, some new, some classic, some signed and limited, which in aggregate are worth at least $400 retail. Which ones will you get? Well, see. That’s the fun of it.

Anyway, if this sort of thing makes that bibliophilic part of your brain go all a-tingle (and it should, since SubPress makes good books), now you know what to do. They’re only putting together 25 of these grab bags, so get on it.


Keeping Up Appearances

My friendly neighborhood stalkers have been complaining that I’ve not been keeping them sufficiently aware of my public gallivanting for the rest of 2008, so, okay, fine. Here, to the best of my current knowledge, is my appearance schedule through the end of the year.

August 6-10: Denvention, Denver, CO: I’ll be doing panels and a kaffeeklatch, but as far as I know, not a reading or signing. Because why would Denvention want to schedule a reading or signing for one of its nominees for Best Novel? That would be silly. In any event, I will post my full schedule probably early next week.

August 15 – 17: ArmadilloCon, Austin, TX: I’m guest of honor here, along with David Lee Anderson, Kelly Parsons and Sheila Williams, with Bill Crider as Toastmaster and Joe & Gay Haldeman as special guests. Heck of a lineup.

August 24: Ann Arbor, MI, Library (Downtown Branch): I, Tobias Buckell and Karl Schroeder will be here from 2 pm through 3:30 pm to talk about our latest novels (Sly Mongoose, Pirate Sun and Zoe’s Tale, all from Tor, all released on August 19), and to sign books and be generally author-like. This is my only public appearance in Michigan for the rest of the year. This takes place on a Sunday afternoon, so don’t worry about calling in sick to work (unless, of course, you work on Sundays).

August 26: Dayton, OH, Books & Co (at The Greene location), 7pm: Toby Buckell and I — together again! We’ll be reading and signing. And fighting crime.

August 29: Lexington, KY, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, 7pm: Toby and I are joined by fellow Ohio SF writer Paul Melko for more reading, signing, and hilarious hi-jinx. Yes, that’s right, Hi-jinx! You know you can’t miss that. This is my only Kentucky appearance for 2008.

August 30 – Sept 1: I’m splitting time between the Decatur Book Festival and DragonCon. I don’t have any details on my schedule for either of these yet, but will let you all know when I do.

September 21: New Atlantic Independent Bookseller’s Association Conference, Cherry Hill, NJ: I’m a featured author at the Movable Feast Luncheon here. Unless you’re an NAIBA member (or can bribe someone who is) and you’ve bought a ticket for this, you’ll probably not get to see me here. But if you are (or can), well, see you soon!

October 2: Columbus, OH: Toby and I will be taking our act to one of the Barnes& Noble branches there. Which branch and at what time is still to be determined (I’ll let you know ahead of time, obviously).

November 28 – 30: LosCon, Los Angeles, CA: I’m guest of honor, with Gary Lippincot and Michael Siladi. I’ll be the guy with a Double-Double in my hands at all times.

And that’s 2008 for you. For 2009, I’ve already announced that I’ll be Guest of Honor at Millenicon in Cincinnati, but I’ll have a couple other appearance announcements to make once the convention organizers make official announcements (or tell me that I can tell people, in any event). But that can wait for a little while, I suppose. This is enough to keep the friendly neighborhood stalkers busy for a while.

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