Keeping Up Appearances

My friendly neighborhood stalkers have been complaining that I’ve not been keeping them sufficiently aware of my public gallivanting for the rest of 2008, so, okay, fine. Here, to the best of my current knowledge, is my appearance schedule through the end of the year.

August 6-10: Denvention, Denver, CO: I’ll be doing panels and a kaffeeklatch, but as far as I know, not a reading or signing. Because why would Denvention want to schedule a reading or signing for one of its nominees for Best Novel? That would be silly. In any event, I will post my full schedule probably early next week.

August 15 – 17: ArmadilloCon, Austin, TX: I’m guest of honor here, along with David Lee Anderson, Kelly Parsons and Sheila Williams, with Bill Crider as Toastmaster and Joe & Gay Haldeman as special guests. Heck of a lineup.

August 24: Ann Arbor, MI, Library (Downtown Branch): I, Tobias Buckell and Karl Schroeder will be here from 2 pm through 3:30 pm to talk about our latest novels (Sly Mongoose, Pirate Sun and Zoe’s Tale, all from Tor, all released on August 19), and to sign books and be generally author-like. This is my only public appearance in Michigan for the rest of the year. This takes place on a Sunday afternoon, so don’t worry about calling in sick to work (unless, of course, you work on Sundays).

August 26: Dayton, OH, Books & Co (at The Greene location), 7pm: Toby Buckell and I — together again! We’ll be reading and signing. And fighting crime.

August 29: Lexington, KY, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, 7pm: Toby and I are joined by fellow Ohio SF writer Paul Melko for more reading, signing, and hilarious hi-jinx. Yes, that’s right, Hi-jinx! You know you can’t miss that. This is my only Kentucky appearance for 2008.

August 30 – Sept 1: I’m splitting time between the Decatur Book Festival and DragonCon. I don’t have any details on my schedule for either of these yet, but will let you all know when I do.

September 21: New Atlantic Independent Bookseller’s Association Conference, Cherry Hill, NJ: I’m a featured author at the Movable Feast Luncheon here. Unless you’re an NAIBA member (or can bribe someone who is) and you’ve bought a ticket for this, you’ll probably not get to see me here. But if you are (or can), well, see you soon!

October 2: Columbus, OH: Toby and I will be taking our act to one of the Barnes& Noble branches there. Which branch and at what time is still to be determined (I’ll let you know ahead of time, obviously).

November 28 – 30: LosCon, Los Angeles, CA: I’m guest of honor, with Gary Lippincot and Michael Siladi. I’ll be the guy with a Double-Double in my hands at all times.

And that’s 2008 for you. For 2009, I’ve already announced that I’ll be Guest of Honor at Millenicon in Cincinnati, but I’ll have a couple other appearance announcements to make once the convention organizers make official announcements (or tell me that I can tell people, in any event). But that can wait for a little while, I suppose. This is enough to keep the friendly neighborhood stalkers busy for a while.

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  1. Oh, Books & Co., how I love that place…a dream day in SW Ohio for me was a day at Books & Co. and a dinner at The Winds in Yellow Springs. I hope you & Toby don’t damage the place too much when you fight crime there.

  2. August 26: Dayton, OH, Books & Co (at The Greene location), 7pm: Toby Buckell and I — together again! We’ll be reading and signing. And fighting crime.

    Any hope of a fight to the death to decide once and for all who is the One True Ruler of all the Ohio SF Writers?
    That could even convince me to book an intercontinental flight. Maybe.

  3. JDC:

    Man, you have to ask?


    Nah. Toby and I are buds. Anyway, if he wants to rule Ohio SF/F-dom, I’d let him. Less work for me.

  4. You have to understand. I live in the UK now. The very best burger I can find is “not that bad” and merely overcooked. I live vicariously through the burgers of others. So yes, I HAVE to ask. I require full-frontal hot burger-on-burger action, preferably with well-done fries no salt on the side. And a Neapolitan shake. And a coronary bypass for desert. (The coronary bypass comes in useful here as well. The lard that is the “chip butty” is difficult to comprehend.)

  5. Um, so…August 24. Ann Arbor, MI. I can almost SEE the library from where I am right now. (Well, maybe if my window faced in the other direction, but I can’t let the facts get in the way of a good set up). You and Toby, walking distance from my office.

    Where will I be?

    Greenville, SC, visiting the ‘rents.


  6. lol, your CA stop “I’ll be the guy with a Double-Double in my hands at all times.”
    I used to be a tour manager for bands traveling the west coast and every single one of them when they got to CA would ask, Where’s the closest Guitar Center, Krispy Creme, and In-And-Out, and not always in that order. In Bakersfield there was a shopping center with Borders, Krispy Creme and the In-and-Out. If you knew what to look for you could spot traveling bands even if they weren’t playing in Bakersfield and just passing through on their way somewhere else.

  7. Wait, if you have a Double-Double in one hand at all times, and a Coke Zero in the other at all times, then when you wave your hands when you talk, won’t it get a little messy for the faithful throng about you?

    Not that there’s anything wrong with getting in glory — as long as I don’t have to be there. (grin) Getting hit by a direct blast of a glitter cannon by pirates at ConFusion while you Toastmastered was more than sufficient for one lifetime. (double-trouble-grin)

    Dr. Phil

  8. Double-double? I thought you didn’t drink coffee, eh? =)

    (Pardon my undercaffeinated Canuck brain…)

  9. And just when I thought I had no reason to go to Dragoncon … let the stalking commence.

  10. I’m on vacation when your at Books & Co., Do you ever do any book signing via return mail??

  11. #14. Mike – Books & Co usually lets you buy a book in advance for the author to sign the day of the appearance if you can’t be there, then pick it up later.

    A nice policy, and one that makes them both a few dollars more, as well as loyal customers, no doubt…

  12. Michael P @ #10 – unfortunately that Krispy Kreme is now a vitamin store. I’m not sure if the In and Out is still there (it still shows up on the Google Maps street view, but that also still shows the closed up Krispy Kreme building, too).

    I know this because on a recent trip to Las Vegas from the SF bay area we drove down Stockdale Hwy to get from the I-5 to the 58.

    The west side of Bakersfield has really changed in the last decade – out near the university there’s a lot of new businesses and restaurants. I graduated from CSUB back in ’78 and remember when there were sheep being grazed on the empty property around the college dorms and the closest place to hang out all night was the Denny’s (or a Denny’s-like place, I can’t recall anymore) down on Stockdale and California where there’s now a McDonald’s.

  13. There’s a Tony Roma’s about ten feet from the entrance to Joseph-Beth in Lexington.

  14. W00t! You’re going to D*Con! If I can find you in the 50K people, I’ll stop by and say hello.

    Btw — if any of you Whateverites are going to D*Con this year and wish to puchase a Saturday day pass: 50.00 bucks– have fun standing in line for 3 hours. The line wrapped around the entire city block.

    Your best bet is to attend the whole con for 40 bucks more (90 total) and purchase via Ticketmaster. The line was only 40 minutes long on Saturday. It would probably be even better to register on Friday night.

    Oh most stars are charging for their autographs, around 20-30 a piece, even if you bring your own stuff. So be prepared with cash.

    Just sayin.

  15. To be clear (and not suggesting Kate is implying otherwise): I have no intention of charging for autographs.

  16. BeVibe, thanks for the info., I’ll keep it in mind for next time. My problem is that I have already pre-ordered at Amazon and have finally found a 1st printing of OMW (been looking for a while) that I want to get signed.
    Mike B

  17. While I am excited to stalk you at LosCon, I am terribly sad to miss the two-for-one appearance back at the homeland Books & Co.

    I guess I’ll have to ask my best friend to go in my stead. Should be an easy sell – she’s going to be one of your students at Viable Paradise.

    And yes, I am extra jealous. BUT I can have a double-double right now if I wanted, so it all works out in the end.

  18. As the aforementioned friend in #22’s post (Hi Angelle!!), I plan on being at B&Co as I’ve never been to a Scalzi signing… AND I’ll get to up-close-and-personal stalk you during VP. Ooh! Cross-country stalking! Wait, too creepy?
    Confession: even tho I’m from the west coast, I have no freaking idea what a Double-Double is. If it’s some sort of hot-coffee-like bevvie, I’m out. bleuch.

  19. No signing at DenVention? That’s weird. Btw I love Zoë’s Tale. My quote about it: It’s not the same story; it’s an entirely different story covering the same historical period.

  20. @23: I see you there, tiff!

    How can you not know the joys of the In-And-Out?! On a related note WHY is there no Sonic in LA?!

  21. According to the Denvention Pocket Program that they just put up, you ARE scheduled for a signing- Wednesday at 2:30, with Michael Flynn. Still no reading, though (boo).

  22. Actually, looking at the just-released Denvention Pocket Program, you’re signing for 75 minutes on Wednesday, starting at 3:15.

    You’re also doing a KaffeeKlatsch on Saturday at 4:45 with Eric Flint, Karl Schroeder, and Mischelle Sagara West.

    I’m glad I took Wednesday off from work…

  23. John Fiala:

    I’ll have to take your word for it about the signing; they’re not told me about it.

    As for the kaffeklatsch; I expect that’s all the people having theirs at the same time, not having it together.

  24. Well, don’t take my word, take Todd Dashoff’s – he got the time right (2:30), I misread.

    Looking forward to meeting you in person!

  25. Back to #23:
    In-and-Out didn’t hit Vegas until soon before I moved to Day-tron, so I’m not so hip to it. Color me out of the loop there. But we had Sonic for years and years (long enough ago that I remember the little plastic monkeys that they’d hang off the edge of our cups of root beer with CRUSHED ice!). Mmmmm… tater tots.

    LA can’t have *everything*. There has to be some reason for leaving there every now and again.

    Unfortunately, Books & Co online doesn’t seem to go that far into August, so Mr. John’s signing isn’t showing up yet.

  26. Denvention has posted a Pocket Program as the first link on their home page (near the top, in the center). In addition to the panels, etc. it lists you for a signing at 2:30 on Wednesday afternoon, and a KaffeKlatsch at 4:45 on Saturday afternoon.

    With best wishes,
    – Tom –

  27. Sweet. Glad to see you’re hitting the metro Detroit area again this year, and right down the street from my house. I’m actually headed to the Ann Arbor library RIGHT NOW. Weird.

  28. Looks like a culinary challenge exists: Which location can feed John the best? I have no idea what the breakfast or lunch plans are, but I’m sure ArmadilloCon will not shirk from some awesome dinners.

  29. Much bummed that you and Tobias aren’t coming to Kokomo this summer! I was even going to bicycle up there for you two, around 140 miles round trip. Columbus, OH is your next closest — a bit out of cycling range….

  30. I’m excited to see the Decatur Book Festival on your list! I’m not much of an autograph hound, though. Are there plans for a reading or other fun event? I’ve never been to “meet the author” thing so I’m unsure what usually happens besides autographs. :P

  31. By all means, let your friendly neighborhood stalkers know about ConQuesT 40 in Kansas City Memorial Day Weekend, May 22-24, 2009 where you will be our esteemed Guest of Honor! The website is We look forward with anticipation to your presence!

    Margene S. Bahm

  32. If we get a vote for your Labor Day Weekend entertainment, I vote you come to

    DragonCon!!! DragonCon!!! DragonCon!!!

    Of course, I live in Atlanta and am rather proud of our parade down Peachtree Street in the heart of downtown every DragonCon Saturday morning!! Especially the street full of storm troopers in full battle dress.

    Then everyone goes to eat at the Peachtree Center food court and it’s where world’s collide – much fun.

    Several years ago I had to be downtown for a meeting and was with a friend right after the parade. She suggests we grab a bite to eat beforehand, and down to the food court we go. We’re sitting there with all the costumes and hoopla, I’m in hog heaven and she is freaking out…not a scifi or fantasy fan at all. So I’m pointing out all the different characters and shows, and incarnations of shows. Now she’s really freaking out, told me she didn’t know which was scarier…all these adults running around in costume and character OR the fact that I knew who all the characters were…

    I took that as a compliment!

    Besides, where else could you get a personal tour of Hot’Lanta from Dr_Phil_Physics real life sister??

    And since himself invoked New Coke earlier, you could always visit the New World of Coke museum while you were here. It’s right next to the Georgia Aquarium, which is only a couple blocks from the DragonCon hotels.

    Y’all come down now, ya hear!

  33. One more note – I saw the DragonCon reference and skipped the rest of the sentence…I’ll definately catch you at the Decatur Book Festival, it’s just down the street from me.

    See you soon!!

    the real sister of dr_phil_physics…

  34. And for the explanation of “animal-style”, click the “not-so-secret menu” icon at the bottom of the page.

  35. I figure anything we need signed we’ll take care of at LosCon, since I’ll be driving to LosCon and flying to Denvention. Took care of a few authors at ComicCon that were also going to be at Denvention to save on luggage weight and space.

    So when are we getting the Old Man’s War graphic novels so that John will have an excuse to go to Comic Con?

  36. but as far as I know, not a reading or signing. Because why would Denvention want to schedule a reading or signing for one of its nominees for Best Novel?

    I compiled the autographing and reading lists with my very own hands. Did you indicate on your questionnaire you wanted to do a reading or a signing? If so, I put you on the list, but I had only the questionnaire to work from…

    Also, I am going to Armadillocon after D3 as well. Good, now I I can say I’m stalking you instead of Bear.


  37. Mary Kay:

    It appears I do have a signing, so no worries there. I honestly can’t remember if/when I filled out the questionnaire. I did get a proposed panel schedule before I had actually gotten my membership, though, which I thought was interesting.

  38. Thanks, Todd and J. Fiala. I didn’t know the program was up I must have checked it just before it went up. I plan on getting to the CCC at around noon or 1 on Wed. I was hoping John had a signing. I just found a first edition of The Last Colony. I don’t think I have time to get the others.

    I lucked out at work. I can shift my hours to make up as much time as I can to make room for the convention. I guess 22 years and being a senior glassblower helps.

  39. September 21: New Atlantic Independent Bookseller’s Association Conference, Cherry Hill, NJ: I’m a featured author at the Movable Feast Luncheon here. Unless you’re an NAIBA member (or can bribe someone who is) and you’ve bought a ticket for this, you’ll probably not get to see me here. But if you are (or can), well, see you soon!

    Grrr… I was all set to go see you in Philly last year when my car decided it didn’t want me to go. Now you’re taunting me by showing up in my back yard and telling me that I have to be part of some secret club to even be let in the door.

    Well, it just so happens that on September 21 I’m having a secret meeting of G.R.O.S.S.S. (Get Rid Of Slimy Sci-fi WriterS), and guess who’s not invited?