More 2009 Appearances

I’ve been told these have been publicly announced, so I will mention them here, too:

I will be the Guest of Honor at the following conventions in 2009:

ConQuesT 40, in Kansas City, May 22 – 24, 2009;

Confluence, in Pittsburgh, July 24 – 26, 2009.

These are in addition to my GoH gig at Millenicon, in Cincinnati, March 20 – 22, 2009.

I’m also confirmed at Penguicon 7.0 as a Nifty Guest (for my fourth year running, which makes me Quadruple Nifty), and that’s May 1 – 3.

I’ll put these in my “Scheduled Appearances” page presently.

17 Comments on “More 2009 Appearances”

  1. Penguincon!?

    I was already planning to go to that ’cause of Spider Robinson and now you’re going to be there?


  2. Hi John,

    I downloaded the Stanza app for my iPod touch and you are listed under the authors but you dont have any books listed. Were you planning on releasing a free book or story? Doctorow, Stross, Vinge, and Watts all have novels up and I was wondering if it was a placeholder or a snafu or whatnot…

  3. Looking forward to having you visit KC. Heck, I’m traveling to Austin in a couple of weeks for Armadillocon. If you dig BBQ, you’ll have to try Texas style to compare for next year. Whatcha think, pork ribs as your sampling?

  4. That’s hardly fair, Range. We know pork ribs in Texas are not their strong suit.

    And they don’t even HAVE burnt ends down there.

  5. Granted, beef is Texas’ claim-to-fame, but Austin’s hardly Texas, right? In all fairness to Texas, I still have trouble with one of my favorite places here having its name start with “Oklahoma” and it being located in a gas station.

  6. Austin’s hardly Texas, right?

    Yeah, but they only have barbecue at all because it leaks in from the fringes… ;-)

  7. John, make sure to go visit the confluence if you get a chance. Where the two rivers meet is pretty cool. At least I thought it was. I was in a kayak at the time and could get right in it, so maybe that made it more dramatic.

  8. I live in the city of the Steelers and Penguins (don’t mention the Pirates) but I’ve never heard of an event called Confluence. I know about THE confluence, duh, but not an event of the same name. I need to know where to organize my anti-Journey protest :)

  9. Greg: That’s because Confluence is really, really badly promoted. This year’s was held last weekend — and had Joe Haldeman as the Guest of Honor.

  10. Michael P:

    Penguicon the convention had nothing to do with that. It was the brainchild of some of the attendees. Blaming Penguicon for it would be, you know, dumb.

  11. Ooh! I think we’ll manage to get to Confluence next year. (have been several times in the past, missed this year’s because of, oh, our wedding…)


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