I Cannot Deny It

Reader Dave Post sends along this “fact” about me:

Very few people are aware that John Scalzi had a bit part in Starship Troopers.  Sadly, he got cut in the final edit.  He quit acting shortly thereafter.

And yes, there’s art:

I’d just like to say that, yes, my arms really are that buff. Yes, I’d just like to say that.

Feel free to keep adding “facts” in the original thread.

Book Upgrades

Because of a number of factors, most revolving around the fact that I suck, I still haven’t gotten around to mailing books to folks I owe them to. To make up for the fact that I am so far behind on this (because I suck), I’ve decided to upgrade the books I owe everyone to signed hardcover copies of Zoe’s Tale, which I will send once I get my contractually-obliged author copies (which usually come a week or so before the book goes on sale). The exception to this will be the folks who got the Barry Hughart ARC. You still get that.

Sorry for the delay. I try not to suck so much, but sometimes I fail. But it’ll be nice to get an autographed first edition of Zoe’s Tale, no?

Cue “Also Sprach Zarathustra”

July 31, 2008. The day Lopsided Cat discovered… air conditioning.

Seriously, he’s sitting in front of my window unit, letting the air blast him in his face and looking mighty pleased with himself. Oddly enough, I do that myself. All the time.

Cutting Right to the Chase

Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the recent GOP line of attack on Barack Obama as an “elitist celebrity” pretty much boil down to this?

I don’t know. I’ve had the unpopular, appallingly incurious president thing for a while now. I think I’d like to try something else now, you know? Also, I’m not sure that the implicit corresponding argument (“John McCain! Neither as Smart Nor As Popular As Obama!”) is one that the GOP is going to get any real mileage out of. I could be wrong, but I really hope I’m not. I also think it’s a bit of a shame that an entire national political party can’t think of a better way to win a presidential election than this.

Needed: John Scalzi “Facts”

The good folks at ArmadilloCon, where I will be Guest of Honor in August, are trying to write a bio piece about me for their convention program, and asked me for some interesting facts about myself. I suggested it would be more interesting to let all y’all write up some “interesting facts” about me instead, seeing that you are all so good at detailing “facts.”

So, here’s your assignment for today:

Share a “fact” about me, John Scalzi. Your “fact” can be anything about me, my career, my interests, my physical attributes, things I’ve done or said, etc and so on.


1. For those of you still not up on this, the word “facts” is in quotes for a reason.

2. Make them new and recognizably relating to me; don’t just recycle “facts” about, say, Chuck Norris or John Scalvi.

3. Be aware these are for use in the ArmadilloCon convention program (i.e., by playing you’re giving them permission to print them), so I suspect “facts” rated PG-13 or below will be most likely to be used.

4. Go easy on the bacon, okay?

5. Share whatever “fact” you like about me, but be very careful about how you bring family into it. Pets, however, are fair game. They’re pets. They can’t read. What do they care.

Right, then.

So: What can you tell me about me?

(Also: Today, July 31, is the last day to pre-register for ArmadilloCon to save $10 off the membership fee, so if you’re planning to come, now’s a good time to get that membership.)

Will Batman Thank The Academy?

Does The Dark Knight have a shot at Oscar gold this year — including a coveted Best Picture nomination? In my AMC movie column this week, I crunch the numbers, assemble the trivia and come up with the answer. You can trust me. I’m a professional.

As always, if you have your own thoughts on the matter, and I’m sure you will, leave your comments over there on the AMC column page. Because every time you leave a comment on my AMC column, a kitten gets its wings. Or something.