Book Upgrades

Because of a number of factors, most revolving around the fact that I suck, I still haven’t gotten around to mailing books to folks I owe them to. To make up for the fact that I am so far behind on this (because I suck), I’ve decided to upgrade the books I owe everyone to signed hardcover copies of Zoe’s Tale, which I will send once I get my contractually-obliged author copies (which usually come a week or so before the book goes on sale). The exception to this will be the folks who got the Barry Hughart ARC. You still get that.

Sorry for the delay. I try not to suck so much, but sometimes I fail. But it’ll be nice to get an autographed first edition of Zoe’s Tale, no?

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  1. In other news, I received a package from Amazon today containing The Lost Colony. Win! Perhaps that will help mitigate today’s Scalzi Suckitude ratio to some small degree (and tomorrow is a whole new shipping opportunity).

  2. And I’ll pretend to receive it! Yay!
    And while I’m at it I’ll go and order a copy of The Last Colony rather than waiting for my local book shop to stock it, cause who knows how they decide on what to stock…

  3. How many author’s copies do you get? How is this determined? No, not gaming for one – mine’s preordered – but am curious.

  4. The number is defined in the contract. I can’t remember off the top of my head what the number is, but it’s a fair number.

  5. I’m pretty sure you owe me a book. Yeah. Of course you do. Isn’t there something you are still supposed to be judging? Well, whatever it is, let’s assume I won.

  6. This is just a thinly veiled maneuver to buy yourself more time. We sees you, John Scalzi! We sees right through you!

  7. John,

    Is it possible for me to arrange for a signed copy from you? I can pay you, or have amazon send you one and mail you a SASE, PayPal you the extra,

    send an envelope with small unmarked bills, etc…

    Please let me know if, how, and how much.

    Thank you.
    An adoring fan who’s even willing to pay you to write your name.

  8. I got a note today that I can pick up a package from amazon tomorrow. It contains A Rough Guide To The Universe. Yes, I made sure it was the new one I ordered.

    I also preordered Zoe’s Tale and the paperback version of Agent to the Stars. They say that they don’t know when they’ll have ZT, but they expect to have AttS by October. Surely that can’t be right?! It’s, BTW.

    I know that you’ve mentioned the publication dates more than once, but I can’t find it. Would you mind repeating it?

  9. Whew, I was already afraid you had sent the book and the Dutch postal services had somehow fumbled it into a blackhole.

    Don’t worry about suckiness, mr. Scalzi. You already had me at ‘Book Upgrade’.

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