I Cannot Deny It

Reader Dave Post sends along this “fact” about me:

Very few people are aware that John Scalzi had a bit part in Starship Troopers.  Sadly, he got cut in the final edit.  He quit acting shortly thereafter.

And yes, there’s art:

I’d just like to say that, yes, my arms really are that buff. Yes, I’d just like to say that.

Feel free to keep adding “facts” in the original thread.

25 Comments on “I Cannot Deny It”

  1. Your kevlar is crooked, Private Scalzi! Didn’t you access the file on proper helmet adjustment via your BrainPal? Oh shit, look out behind you, it’s a giant….!

  2. I was just worried that his head wasn’t sunburned. Thank God he decided on the helmet……

  3. I am disgusted that you participated in that travesty of the master’s work! I am hereby deleting this bookmark and will never read any of your books again, no matter how much people compare them favorably to Heinlein!

  4. Starship Troopers? Great, can you put in a good word for me with your co-star Denise Richards? I understand she is living the reality-based life these days. Well, my reality is I think she would be ideal for my next project, which would be…but, I, er… My people will call her people okay? Thanks bro — just shoot me the number so we can get that done, m’kay? Cool man. Oh, by the way, watch out, there’s a big bug behind you. I mean a BIG bug.

  5. Could I ask what you fed your dog to make it that angry with you?

    Oh wait, it’s just a bug. Never mind.

  6. What a coincidence. I just started reading “Starship Troopers” tonight. I was about to go veg on the couch and read for a bit before bed. It’s a 1969 printing with a price of 75 cents. Wow, the good ol’ days.

  7. That’s why your part was cut: you were too busy mugging for the camera instead of paying attention to the GIANT BUG THAT IS RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!

  8. But instead of shooting the bug, you kissed it, and it became your darling wife, Kristine.

    Make luuuurve, not war!

    (and that’s why your scene was cut).

  9. They already had a scene where a guy, the reporter, was mugging for the camera — and becomes goo on a bug. Funny the first time, showing another mugging guy get squished by a bug, why they just wouldn’t show it twice. Not in that movie.

    Dr. Phil

  10. I think expression is really about saying without words: “Now do you dumbshits understand why I need powered armor?”

  11. Did you make it into Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation?

    How about Starship Troopers 3: Marauder?

    (Disclaimer: I have not seen ST3:M)

  12. Actually, the reporter getting eaten is the same scene, just played at two different times, in two different formats (in film) and from two slightly different camera angles.

  13. Hmmmm.

    You’re the big bug in the background?

    ‘Cause I know you wouldn’t want to be that ugly guy with the beard right?


  14. Please post any out takes from the shower scene, the only thing watching in that travesty of Heinlein’s book.

  15. “See, the big feller don’t like it much when you get into his territory like this. Woah, look at him go!”

  16. Your guns are nowhere near the size of Obama’s. I hear he can curl ten reps of 32 kilograms!

  17. Hey Trooper. Why aren’t you wearing your powered suit while out fighting bugs? You must not wanna live forever.

  18. Heh, nice pic John. Honestly though, with those bulging biceps and that facial hair, I’d think you’d be a shoe-in for the cast of ‘The 300’. :) THIS… IS… SCALZI!!!!

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