Scalzi/Doctorow Mashup Part II: The Quickening

Hey, remember when I posted that video of me and Cory Doctorow talking about our upcoming books Zoe’s Tale and Little Brother? Good times, good times. Well, now we’re doing it again! I know! I can hardly believe it either! Plus I talk about bacon again, because apparently it’s expected at this point.


14 Comments on “Scalzi/Doctorow Mashup Part II: The Quickening”

  1. FYI…not sure there is anything you can do about it, but the video won’t play in Firefox 3.01 (for me anyway). It quits about 3 seconds in. I had to open IE to watch it.

  2. That’s hilarious! I wish I’d watched the other one when it first went online, so I just watched it now, You guys are frigging funny! Two geeks in a pod!

    Too bad the both of you won’t be at VP this year. Enh, I’ll take what I kin git!

  3. “The Quickening?”

    So we’re all going to deny this ever happened, and castigate anyone who suggests there was ever more than one interview?

  4. Personally, I prefer Electric Boogaloo when talking about sequel subtitles. It has the added benefit of rhyming with the number two.

  5. You know, that was thoroughly interesting. I’m not kidding. I could watch you two for hours.

    Just for that, I’m going out and buying Cory’s book to go with all of yours that I already have on the shelf.

    Nice work, John.

  6. I wonder if anybody has done work in a related area to that of Language Removal Services – – but in this case, just for vowels.

    Because that would really make my list of wonderful things.

    Just like has.

  7. I couldn’t help myself, so I made up a redacted disemvowelled bngbng shirt, complete with scratched-out woman a la Violet Blue.

    Of course I found out somebody else had a similar logo, but I like mine better

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