Whateveresque Registration Open Until 10pm

Whateveresque, the message board that lets you have a conversation with other Whatever readers without having to wait for me to name the topic (because, honestly, sometimes I never talk about what you want to talk about) is now open for registration through 10pm. If you haven’t signed up yet, now is good.

As always, please do take a quick glance at the primer on how to register so I don’t accidentally confuse your registration request for a spambot. Thanks!

4 Comments on “Whateveresque Registration Open Until 10pm”

  1. I am not a spambot (even though I do have a hotmail address).

    Please do not bin my desperate plea for recognition. Thank you

  2. The Whateveresque registration engine is broken. It only let me choose “British English” as a language. Where I come from, we speak American. Yeee Haw!


  3. I am also no damn spambot, even if I am still years behind the crowd and stubbornly refusing to make the shift over to gmail. (Does it help my chances to make that known here? Worth a shot.)

  4. Dangit, I missed it. The one day I don’t check over here.. Well, there’s always next time.