My Denvention Schedule

For those who are curious, the panels and activities I’m scheduled for at Denvention 3:

August 6, 1:00 pm:

Schmoozing 101
CCC – Korbel 1D
The art of small talk – it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Pick up some tips on how to introduce yourself, make small talk, and connect with others in both your professional and personal lives.
Ginjer Buchanan, John Scalzi, (m) Mary Robinette Kowal, Michael Kabongo

August 6, 2:30pm

Signing (75 minutes)
CCC – Hall D
John Scalzi, Michael Flynn

August 7, 1:00 pm:

Bleeding Heart Liberals & Military SF
CCC – Korbel 4AB
Military SF is very popular, even among the politically liberal. Why is that and will it change their views?
Adrian Bedford, (m) Elizabeth Moon, Joe Haldeman, John Hemry, John Scalzi

August 7, 2:30 pm:

Making a Living as a Writer – but not necessarily a novelist
CCC – Room 506
When we think of professional writers, our minds turn to the authors of our favorite fiction, but there’s a wide scope of the writing business that lies outside of the fiction market. Our panel of non-fiction writers will explore the other side of the industry.
Craig Miller, Daniel Kimmel, Jim Fiscus, (m) John Scalzi, Judy Lazar, Rebecca Lyons

August 7, 4:00 pm:

Reading, with Mary Robinette Kowal
Hyatt Hotel, Agate A
Mary Robinette Kowal has offered to let me join her in her reading time. We will be reading short pieces.
NOTE: This reading is listed under Mary Robinette Kowal’s name. I will not be listed in the Denvention program. I am a last-minute addition.

August 8, 5:30 pm:

Sidewise Awards
Sheraton – 2nd Level, Tower Court D
Chris Roberson, Evelyn Leeper, Jay Lake, Jo Walton, John Scalzi, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Michael Flynn, Sheila Williams, Stephen Baxter, Steven Silver

August 9, 4:00 pm:

CCC – Korbel 4E
Eric Flint, John Scalzi, Michelle Sagara West

August 9, 7:30 pm:

Hugo Awards Ceremony
CCC, Wells Fargo Theatre
You voted (you did vote, right?) now see the results at the prestigious 2008 Hugo Awards ceremony!
Toastmaster Wil McCarthy will host; among the presenters will be Artist GoH Rick Sternbach, Fan GoH Tom Whitmore, past Hugo winners Connie Willis and Robert Silverberg, Nebula winner Ed Bryant, and longtime fan Rusty Hevelin. There will also be a short performance by Special Music Guest Kathy Mar.

There you have it.

Also, at some point during the convention I’ll be doing a stint at the SFWA booth, although the specific time I’ll be doing that hasn’t been scheduled at 11am on the 7th. I’m not scheduled to do a reading, sorry. No, I don’t know why, either; I assume I simply forgot to check the “yes, I’ll do a reading” box on the programming questionnaire. Yes, I am doing a reading, although it’s not listed under my name. If anything else changes on my schedule, I’ll note it here, so be sure to check back here if a) you’re going to Denvention, and b) you give a damn what I’m up to.

When I’m not at my panels/happenings, I will be doing what people do at Worldcons, i.e., wandering around, hanging out in the party hotel bar, holding up a wall at the various parties, and so on and so forth. If you see me, feel free to say hello. Also, since my signing is on Wednesday afternoon, if you miss me at that, I’ll generally be happy to sign a book when you see me wandering around. Just make sure you have the book with you, and a pen.

See you in Denver!

24 Comments on “My Denvention Schedule”

  1. I should be able to catch your 2:30 signing (I have the 2nd Edition of RGttU I’d like you to sign). That would be a good time for me, since I also have a copy of Eifelheim for Michael Flynn to sign.

    See you there!

  2. What no gaming?

    While they assure me that everyone will at least wander by gaming, I’ll have my knitting with me anyway.

  3. I see they’ve scheduled you for 75 minutes of signing.

    Since your fame is paramount and your minions, I mean, “fans”, are legion will that be enough time?

    Seriously, though: is an hour and a quarter in your experience too much time, or far too little ? Or is it designed to be about the maximum amount of time one person can continue to be pleasant scribbling their name over and over while having the same basic conversation over and over?

    I’m bummed that yet again Worldcon is a no-go for me. And here’s hoping you bring home one of those shiney rockets — if not, well, ya know, “you was robbed!”

  4. Lee S:

    I have no idea if it will be too much time or not enough. I suppose I’ll see when I get there. I expect, however, that there will be a more folks near the beginning of that time than the end.

  5. I did remember to vote and voted for you too.
    Looking forward to the con and seeing you talk.

  6. for a minute there i thought you were scheduled for 75 minutes of singing, and i just about bought a ticket out to denver… alas.

  7. “hanging out in the party hotel bar”

    Are we going to end up wishing we’d booked at the Sheraton instead of the Hyatt next to the convention center? The last WorldCon I attended was in Chicago, where everyone was at one hotel, so there was no secret cool-kids area.

  8. Believe me, you are much better off knowing where the parties are and sleeping where they aren’t. When your room is quiet at three in the morning, those six or so blocks between your hotel and the madhouse won’t seem like much of a hassle.

    Yeah, I feel old just writing that.

  9. ADM:

    Sidewise awards. They’re for alternate history stories. I’m a nominee this year, although I find it extremely unlikely that I will win.

    Matt Jarpe:

    I’m actually staying at the Sheraton, but I specified not to be put on a party floor. Hopefully they listened.

  10. Eh, this is just cover for you getting to Denver to accept Obama’s V-P nomination. You can’t pull the bacon and car fur over our eyes. We see this trip for what it really is.

  11. I’ve never been to a SF convention but I would like to see that panel on military SF & liberals since I fit in that category.

    I had to quit reading John Ringo though after “Ghost”. That book was like some sort of right wing porn or something.

  12. I hope I get the chance to say hello to you! I’m almost as busy as you, but I have nothing scheduled on Saturday at all. Shopping time!

  13. Well, if John’s up for singing for 75 minutes, maybe we could convince him to do “Dueling Paperbacks: The Musical”.

  14. John, do you want to do a reading? My office is across the street from the Sheraton, and I can make a 35-seat conference room available. It would be my thank you for all the jokes, music and wrong-headed politics I’ve enjoyed here.

  15. I love it! A session on small talk for the Asperger’s syndrome crowd, and there are sure to be plenty of them on hand. Brilliant! That alone is worth the price of admission.

    What advice will you be offering the socially awkward?