I WILL Be Doing a Reading at Denvention After All

My very kind friend and Campbell Award nominee Mary Robinette Kowal has quite graciously offered to share her Denvention reading time on Thursday at Four PM at the Hyatt Hotel, room Agate A, and I have taken her up on her offer. So now you’ll be getting a special 2-for-1 reading deal. Right now our plan is to offer a “sampler platter” of some shorter works, done in tag-team style. I dare say you’ll have more fun at this reading than you thought was humanly possible! And possibly, more than inhumanly possible as well. I do hope you’ll join us, and will spread the word.

Note: In the Denvention schedule, the reading will be listed under Mary Robinette Kowal, not me (or the two of us together). It’s her reading slot, I’m just freeloading on her generosity. Please do make a note of it (both how the listing is printed, and my freeloading nature).

Also, Mary and I will be sitting at the SFWA booth in the dealer’s room at 11am on Thursday. Come by and say hello!

10 Comments on “I WILL Be Doing a Reading at Denvention After All”

  1. When I saw the picture I started wondering is Meryl Streep a Scalzi fan? I’ll check out Mary’s stuff, looks interesting.

  2. @ # 3 – She’s smart. And an excellent author. And a great reader. And one of the most genuinely nice people I know.

    Yes, she’s an attractive person, but really, that’s a silly reason to go to the reading.

    And John is lucky to get to hang out with her.

  3. I must admit that I have not heard of Mary until today. Her skill at schmoozing and breaking down the elements might soon be legendary. I am duly impressed. And not only by her, but John and Mike Kabongo, also.

    Reading Mary’s stories is high on my Yet-to-Read list.

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