The Android’s Dream, Kindle-ized

Those of you with Kindles and a powerful desire to read my novels in digital form will be pleased to learn that The Android’s Dream is now available for Amazon’s e-reader. Naturally I encourage all you Kindlers to purchase it and make it the best selling Kindle-adapted novel ever.

For questions regarding availability of TAD or other books in any other electronic format, or for the availability of my other books in Kindle format, please read this before asking your question. Thanks.

13 Comments on “The Android’s Dream, Kindle-ized”

  1. Since this is TAD I would think it should be available for implants at the, er, other end of the spinal column… so we could “read” the book in Smell-O-Vision.

  2. I just noticed a newish David Weber from Tor is up at webscriptions. Here’s hoping this is a sign of things to come.

  3. Damn it, when is this going to be released in dead tree?

    Oh, wait. Got it on my desk. As you were.

  4. released in dead tree… Awesome

    I really wish I had a kindle so that I could wish I had enough money to re-buy all my favorite books. It’s like when I switched from LPs to 8tracks to cassettes to CD and now MP3s.

  5. I love androids dream. I’m in the seventh grade, and I found your book at a convenient store. I picked it up, read the dustcover, and I got interested. It only took me a weekend to read, and I never saw what was coming. Since I liked it so much, I let a few of my friends read it. Now, we are all big fans. I hope there are more to come.