Video Interview at Cult Pop

Who knew that when you have a book coming up, you might be doing a lot of interviews and suchlike? It was news to me, too. But this was pretty fun: There’s a local interview show up in the Detroit area called Cult Pop which does a really excellent job of interviewing science fiction authors, and it has a longish (20+ minutes) video interview with me, talking about Zoe’s Tale, The Rough Guide to Sci-Fi Movies, Your Hate Mail Will be Graded and other projects. And, apropos to the recently enumerated Scalzi’s Law, yes, there is a brief discussion of bacon. And cats. I know how much you all love that. Anyway, do check it out. If you’re looking at the site a while after when this entry is posted, just click on the “playlist” button on the video viewer and scroll own to show #20.

Once you’re done watching me, check out some of the other author interviews as well, which include Vernor Vinge, Jim Hines, Cherie Priest and Scott Westerfeld and Justine Larbalestier. Truly, a treasure trove of sf/f video interview goodness.

7 Comments on “Video Interview at Cult Pop”

  1. the beginning had an advertisement that showed three old men sitting in what is obviously a recruitment office. the video the re buffered for sometime. I thought that this was beyond cool , starting an interview with a fake colonial recruitment ad … but then the buffering ended to show a marines appreciation thingie ……

  2. Actually that is a PSA (public service announcement) and we run them for free just like broadcast networks do. We don’t get any $$$ for running them.


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