In Denver

Made it here alive, no problems. Go me. Now off to get my registration and etc. I’m carrying my Journey mp3 player with me. If you’re here, ask me to show it to you!

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  1. Hope this isn’t too much of a threadjack, but a suggestion for a song to add to that player (there! relevance!) is “Electric Feel” by MGMT. It’s got a vibe that reminds me strongly of “Hitsville UK” by the Clash.

  2. Too bad I’m too busy getting the computers ready for another school year to come and join you at the convention.

    Enjoy your staff and hope you get a chance to see more of Denver than just the CCC.

  3. I have seen the Journey MP3 player… Please note that our esteemed host here made SURE to show it off.

    I didn’t even _have_ to ask.

  4. So are you going to stay for the convention?

    It should be fun

    (There’s still that reporter lurking inside you I’ll bet)

  5. Say “hi” to Janiece and Tania if you see them, John. Jeri and I will be coming Friday and Saturday.

    See you soon! (Oh, yes, we will be stalking the Scalzinator.)

  6. Welcome to Denver, John!

    Don’t wear gang colors on Federal Ave., check out the best-you’ll-see-anywhere Native American art collection at the Art Museum, try the Cherry Cricket at 2nd. Ave and Clayton for the best burger in town (don’t believe anyone who tries to tell you Citygrille is the place for burgers) and Two-Fisted Mario’s in LoDo for the best pizza.

    And don’t forget your sunscreen – you’re a mile closer to the sun and it makes a surprising difference.

  7. I was lurking in the back off and on during your schmoozing bit. Y’all did a nice job. Janiece and I decided that since we both already had multiple copies of your books, we’d skip the signing. But, be warned, we has a plan for you. It’s pretty tame, but a plan nevertheless!

  8. The last time I offered to show someone my “Journey mp3 player,” I got slapped in the face. Context is everything, I guess.

  9. It was neat to get my books signed – I didn’t know to ask to see the Journey MP3 player!

    I’ll have to keep an eye out and see the holy relic later. :)

  10. Very nice to meet you, John. I enjoyed the Schmoozin’ and getting my books signed. The food and beer is good at the Wyncoop, too. I’ll have to check out that Journey player.

  11. Great schmoozing panel, John. I was the guy in the middle of the room someplace wearing the Nightwish T-shirt. Unfortunately, I forgot my first-edition Old Man’s War, but I’ll try and catch you, say, Friday after your reading.

  12. Welcome to Denver, John! With the altitude here, you’ll have to constantly monitor your Air Supply, esp. if you’re going to be a Night Ranger at the parties. ;)

  13. I was actually in Denver, but had to leave yesterday morning. Those non-sff nerds with black shoulder bags you see in the Convention Center are of my people — the statisticians are in town until Thursday.

  14. Welcome to Denver.
    Thanks for bringing rain with you, its been a little dry around here.

  15. Saw you in the hotel bar a little while ago but you looked like you were fruitfully engaged in several conversations at once.

    I’ll try to find you and say hi and whatnot (and see your brilliant mp3 player) sometime in the next couple days.

  16. And a fine mp3 player it is! With a speaker!! Great reading today with Mary Robinette Kowal and John. Tomorrow or Saturday, there may be some good ping-pong games going on at the Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant across the street from the Hyatt. I’m bringing my paddles. Don’t know the times, but should be fun.

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