Quick Denvention Updatery

The first two days of Denvention were the ones in which I was the most heavily programmed, with a numbers of panels plus a signing and reading, and I’m very happy to say that all of them went off very well. In particular I thought the reading was very good. As you may remember, I wasn’t actually scheduled for a reading, but my friend Mary Robinette Kowal offered to split her time with me, and we had a great deal of fun alternating reading short stories.

The highlight of the reading for me was when we joined forces and Mary read the first chapter of “The Sagan Diary,” which I wrote. In this picture (graciously sent to me by Tom Suter), you can see me watching Mary as she reads from the story. What you can’t see all that well is that I’ve tears running down my face. I can’t actually read TSD in public because I can’t through reading it without getting choked up; apparently I can’t get through it when Mary reads it without doing the same. She’s very excellent.

Today and tomorrow I’m very lightly programmed; today I have to attend the Sidewise Awards, at which I am a nominee for this story, and then tomorrow I have a kaffeklatsch and the Hugo awards ceremony. In case you’re wondering, I’m feeling rather relaxed about the last of these, in particular because I’ve spent quality time here at Denvention with most of my fellow nominees in my categories, and I like of them enough to be delighted for them if they win. It’s nice when it works out that way. But not being completely slammed for programming the next couple days means I have time to visit and hang out with friends and fans, which in the end is mostly what Worldcons are about: A massive gathering of the sf/f geek tribe.

Have a good Friday; I’ll check in with all y’all later.