At the Airport

Surprise! My flight’s been delayed! Apparently my travel karma is still in full effect. That said, it’s not a huge delay so far, and at the very least it’s a direct flight, so I don’t have to sweat the missed connection.

To occupy my time I’ll be writing a Denvention report, but I’ll do it offline because the free wifi at the Denver airport is a little wonky. But the short form, as you might expect: I had a pretty good weekend.

Thank you to everyone for your congratulations and good wishes; it’s really cool to open Whatever in the morning and see all you folks. It makes my day enough that not even an airport delay is denting it.

Hugo Update

Got one. Lost the other by nine votes. I can live with that.

Check in with all you later. We’re off to party.

Update, 2:05 am (mountain time): Here’s an awesome picture from Tom Suter, who has taken a number of good photos of me this convention:

That’s Campbell winner Mary Robinette Kowal (totally rocking the tiara), and me with my Hugo. The thing is massive, I tell you.

Now off to sleep. Tomorrow will be given over to goodbyes and travel, so I might not update until Monday. I trust you understand.