Hugo Update

Got one. Lost the other by nine votes. I can live with that.

Check in with all you later. We’re off to party.

Update, 2:05 am (mountain time): Here’s an awesome picture from Tom Suter, who has taken a number of good photos of me this convention:

That’s Campbell winner Mary Robinette Kowal (totally rocking the tiara), and me with my Hugo. The thing is massive, I tell you.

Now off to sleep. Tomorrow will be given over to goodbyes and travel, so I might not update until Monday. I trust you understand.

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  1. I was in the audience, reporting your results via text. Thanks for the photo op and everything else this afternoon. Great speech.

  2. Hey, congratulations, John! Now we can refer to you as “Hugo-award-winning author John Scalzi.” :-)

    In related news, I had no idea when I saw your and Mary’s reading on Thursday that I was witnessing history–HISTORY!–in the making: a recent winner of the John W. Campbell Award, alongside the soon-to-be winner of the John W. Campbell Award! Congrats to Mary on a job well done!

  3. congrats on the win!

    Nine votes to Chabon? Nothing to be ashamed of… :)

    Can’t wait for you to get back and talk about that McCain “Left Behind” ad where Obama is the anti-christ.

    Congrats again!

  4. Sweet! I sooo want to attack your rocket with my crazy-big Iron Giant action figure.

  5. Congrats! You’ll now be famous for being the guy who finally topped Dave Langford :) Sorry that you didn’t get it for LAST COLONY. But ZOE’S TALE can still get it, so there’s hope. One out of two, it’s quite an accomplishment!

  6. It was an honor to lose to you.


    I’ll call you Monday about the possibility of returning the rocket to you. Don’t call the cops, or I launch it!

  7. Huge congratulations, John! It must be almost as gratifying as winning the “Best Blog” award at earlier in the year!



  8. Got one? Thats… me with my hugo? Now off to bed? Scalzi, you’re still in shock, this will mean something to you in the morning.

    That’s huge man, congrats, big congrats.

  9. Congratulations!

    When I’m all grown up, I want an award shaped like a rocket ship. I hope the rocket part is detachable…it’d look silly flying it through the house and making whoosh sounds with the base still attached.

  10. As we online gamers shorthand it, “Gratz!” If this also constitutes some sort of increase in level, then maybe a “Ding!” also applies (not personally a fan of “ding” though).

    Either way, good for you.

  11. One out of two ain’t bad, my friend, and of course your writing about the genre does legitimately rock. Guess I’ll now have to read the book that dared to keep The Last Colony from giving you a matched set, and the work that enables your friend to wear the Campbellian tiara of awesomeness!

  12. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You look damn good with your giant silver rocket ship!

    MRK looks awesome there, too, in that tiara. But isn’t there some kind of ritual clouting of the new bearer of the award by the previous one? I can’t imagine anyone daring to clout MRK.

    WOOOHOOO!!! You guys rock!

  13. The fans have spoken (or is it shouted?) and you mightily deserve that awesome rocket.


  14. This doesn’t mean you’re going to turn down the snark around here and go all ‘respectable’ on us, does it? :)


  15. Congratulations on your “Dave Langford award” win. Its too bad you didn’t get it for Last Colony, but a close loss to the 900 lb gorilla (Chabon) isn’t too much of a face-loss.

  16. Congrats!

    In the long tradition of the Whatever, I expect to see a bar graph soon with ‘pre-Hugo’ and ‘post-Hugo’ site stats, so that we can see the kind of boost that a Hugo for best fan writer gives to a site…!

  17. Congratulations, Scalzi!!

    Now, what’s the protocol from hereon out?

    Do we have to address you as Sir Scalzi? Your wife as Dutchess Scalzi? Is it Princess Athena?

    We peasants need to know!!

  18. Congratulations from another who loved both the graciousness of your speech and its challenge to fandom to keep exploring fan writing.

    How long before bacon gets taped to the Hugo? Nobody’s ever done that before.

  19. Congratulations! Are you planning to put your acceptance speech online somewhere so those of us who couldn’t be there can read it?

  20. John, I got two days’ pleasure reading The Yiddish Policemen’s Union — a virtual tie (or, at least, within a nine-vote margin) with the charge I got from The Last Colony. But I get pleasure every day from Whatever and your other online work. You’re the clear winner in my book (fanzine, short story, online novella, Rough Guide shelf, bookmarks, etc.). Congratulations on your well-deserved, hard-earned Hugo.

  21. Cool for John. Cool for Mary.

    I like the look of the award. Certainly one that should wear well on the mantelpiece.


    To echo some sentiments above, Whatever is a daily read for me and the silver rocket ship is well deserved.

  23. Congratulations, Mr Scalzi. do let us know how is an object of the shape and size of the tin rocket handled by airport folk…

  24. Congratulations…best of luck getting the award on the plane trip home….Can we meet you at the Dayton Airport with hazzahs??

  25. I shipped the award, actually. And I don’t think you want to be at the airport at 1am, which is when my flight (now delayed) is due to arrive.

  26. Congratulations! I must say I’m surprised by your picture. I thought you had bright red skin. Coulda sworn I saw a picture of you, and you had bright red skin…

  27. Congratulations. I’d hoped to get a chance to meet you, but I only saw you once in the hall, and we were going in the opposite directions…and we were both in groups.

    Maybe at a future Con…

  28. Congratulations!
    I love your books (just started The Last Colony). It was nice meeting you, even if it was just 2 minutes during the signing.

  29. Wow! Scalzi gets to come home with a Hugo Winner ribbon and a Hugo Loser (bent rocket ship) ribbon on his Con Badge!

    Congratulations Sir. You earned it.

  30. Many congratulations, sir, and may I say well deserved!!

    Just want to point out you look about 16 in that photo, can I have the name of your anti-wrinkle cream please??

    Barb xx

  31. Congratulations. Now when you post before and after pictures of your office, it won’t just be paper and Coke Zero flotsam and jetsam.

  32. Congratulations!

    Erbo @7: I do know of at least one author whose publisher stuck ‘Hugo Winner!’ on his books while neglecting to mention that it was a fan Hugo; I’ve stored that information away in case I ever write an SF novel.

  33. The only thing left for John to do now to complete the conquest of fandom is to come to Corflu and be voted in as fwa past president. heh.

  34. Congrats, John! It’s a well-deserved honor! Now you can raise your rates with your publishers! :)

  35. Congrats John, just remember to leave plenty of room on the shelves for the rest of them.

  36. Congratulations! I’m so happy that you won this award and that you write books (and a blog) that I love to read (kinda selfish, I know–but honest!)

  37. Congratulations John!!! Very well deserved. Awesome speech and it was awesome to see you win a Hugo! i would have loved to see you win for best novel as well but by only nine votes, that is incredible in itself.

    We are looking forward to seeing you get best novel in Montreal next year, see you there! (I still need a picture with the bear, stoopid camera )

    Thanks again for all the great panels at Denvention and all you do for SciFi Fans everywhere Way to go!

  38. Congratulations on the award, John. Hope you have some more wins (in other categories, natch) in years to come!

    Also, the base on that award looks MASSIVE, and makes me wonder if it’s the biggest Hugo design yet.

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