As If You Haven’t Had Enough Hugo-ry Today

The lovely folks at, where I do my weekly sf/f movie column, have posted a post-Hugo interview with me (the interviewer this time around is a real other person, not just an iteration of me).

Also, has a Hugo Awards gallery, which features at least one picture of me making an ass of myself (i know, I know, are there any other kind, yes, yes, you can shut up now), plus more restrained pictures of other sf/f luminaries in their natural environment (i.e., getting tanked at parties). Enjoy!

7 Comments on “As If You Haven’t Had Enough Hugo-ry Today”

  1. Somebody should tell those folks over at that site that 1. The guy in the picture with Sean is Hugo award winning author David Levine. 2 The Hugo has never been solely for HARD science fiction — it’s for anything in the field and if they don’t like it, they can start their own award. and 3. Michael Chabon is a huge sf fan. He has joined SFWA and would have loved to be here. However, he has a very young family and his commitment to them prevented him from being at the ceremony.

    MKK–too cranky to register at yet another web site solely to give idiots information.

  2. Hey! there are a few lumens difference.

    Dastardly paparazzi tricking those people to bend over thus exposing whatever shall be exposed.

    Oh and this comment “and Scalzi dressed like a secret agent and did action poses with his award.” now has that song “secret agent man” going through my head. dammit.

  3. Is the text of the Hugo acceptance speech going to be posted here? I heard from more than one person that it was pretty good.

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