Finding Mary Robinette Kowal’s Fiction

A question from the comment threads:

If someone had not read anything by Mary Robinette Kowal were would be the best place to find some of her work?

As it happens, MRK has a page up that will point you to some of her fiction online. Here’s the link.

Find out why she’s this year’s Cambell winner, and enjoy!

Photo Request

Hey, Denvention attendees:

If any of you happen to have pictures of Yanni Kuznia, my Hugo awards date, on the night of the Hugos, would you forward them on to me? My camera died so I don’t have any, and both she and I would love to see some. If you wonder who she was, she was the attractive blonde in the unstoppable satiny brown dress, and was often somewhere in my vicinity. Here’s a reference picture of Yanni herself in case that’s too vague. Just e-mail them or send me a link to your Flickr/Photobucket/whatever url. I thank you in advance.

Also, entirely unrelated: This is the 1,000th post on Whatever since I started using WordPress. Go me.

It’s Arrived

It sits on the top part of my desk now, pointing toward my Campbell, and also the stars (well, the ceiling. But, you know). Between them, pictures of my family. To the left, the original artwork for the OMW hardcover. To the right, impressionistic art from Athena. In case of fire, I will save the artwork on the right first.

Because her partisans will demand it: Ghlaghghee meets the Hugo.

Meanwhile, Athena is far more interested in what the Hugo was packed in. Fear her bubblewrapped fist!

ZT Review on SFFWorld

We’re getting close to the release of Zoe’s Tale (just one week out now), so I suspect we’ll be beginning to see more reviews of the book coming in. The latest is on SFFWorld, and it’s a good one:

… an effortless and entertaining tale. Scalzi’s knack for genuine characters, stress-induced situations, straightforward prose, and terrific storytelling skills are on great display here. Zoe’s Tale is another winner from John Scalzi, whether you’ve been following the Old Man’s War Universe, are being introduced to them for the first time here, and regardless of your age.


The review notes that readers here on the Whatever might note similarities to my own family, i.e., that the Boutin-Perry family unit holds Mary Sue-ish qualities for the folks used to me talking about my own little clan. I suppose it’s true, although I don’t know how far it should be taken. I’m not a 90-year old space veteran, my wife’s not Ex-Special Forces, and my daughter’s not a sarcastic teen (yet). But I suppose that to the extent that I base characters on those around me, I wouldn’t be the first: just check out Haldeman or Heinlein for that.

Just in case you missed it over there in the Whateverettes, Steve Bainbridge has a nice ZT review as well. Bainbridge along with Glenn Reynolds and Eugene Volokh was one of the first promoters of my fiction, so I’m always pleased when/if the latest book passes his sniff test.