Finding Mary Robinette Kowal’s Fiction

A question from the comment threads:

If someone had not read anything by Mary Robinette Kowal were would be the best place to find some of her work?

As it happens, MRK has a page up that will point you to some of her fiction online. Here’s the link.

Find out why she’s this year’s Cambell winner, and enjoy!

10 Comments on “Finding Mary Robinette Kowal’s Fiction”

  1. Thanks John. I tracked down Portrait of Ari last night and liked it a lot. Of course now I’ve discovered Strange Horizons which means more fiction to read.

    Oddly, ever since I’ve been reading the Whatever my consumption of SF has shot up…. This is not a bad thing.

  2. My understanding is that she has novels out to publishers now. Hopefully one of them will be smart enough to buy one.

  3. I had the pleasure of downloading and reading her fiction the other day after you wrote about her- one of the great pleasures of reading blogs is getting turned on to new people. What a talented writer she is (great taste in clothes too, but I also have a weakness for ballgowns), and as a bonus I’m now extremely popular with my children because of her Lazy Town work.

    Thanks for cluing me in to her work.

  4. “Hopefully one of them will be smart enough to buy one.”

    Given the theme of one that I know she’s shopping, publishers would be quite frankly *insane* not to jump on it, especially in the wake of the Campbell.

    I admit to being fully biased but really, now.

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