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Hey, Denvention attendees:

If any of you happen to have pictures of Yanni Kuznia, my Hugo awards date, on the night of the Hugos, would you forward them on to me? My camera died so I don’t have any, and both she and I would love to see some. If you wonder who she was, she was the attractive blonde in the unstoppable satiny brown dress, and was often somewhere in my vicinity. Here’s a reference picture of Yanni herself in case that’s too vague. Just e-mail them or send me a link to your Flickr/Photobucket/whatever url. I thank you in advance.

Also, entirely unrelated: This is the 1,000th post on Whatever since I started using WordPress. Go me.

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  1. Treat them like humans, make them laugh, and appreciate their friendship. Pretty simple, actually.

  2. In direct reply to number 2:

    Bravo, sir. Excellent reply!

    Note: no sarcasm intended or implied.

  3. Sure, OK, I looked at the picture. And yeah, Yanni’s attractive and then some. Sure. But, is it just me, or is she canted to the right?

    It’s like the Tower of Piza, it’s beautiful and all, but it leans, man, it leans.

  4. Jim Wright- Thanks for the compliment! And it’s an “artsy” pic! Artsy! And action heroine-y! Yeah. That’s it.

    Love Stonekettle Station by the way! It’s on my Must-Be-Read list every day.

  5. Yeah 1,000 post! Having only tangentially met Yanni I can say without reservation that her looks and ability to defy gravity aren’t the only attractive things about her.

  6. Just checked out my pics from Hugo night, and sorry, I cant find Yanni in any of them. I do have several, however, of you with an equally hawt woman by the name of Mary Robinette Kowal. As well as some of her being crowned by Jay Lake.

    And speaking of Jay Lake, he just went up several points on my awesome meter. I flew out from Denver to Portland to continue my vacation, and I had no sooner gotten into PDX than I discovered that Jay (who I had somehow missed seeing at Worldcon) was doing a reading at Powell’s Monday night. An excellent reading, and afterward, Jay gave me the bookstore display of the cover of Escapement, with the awesome Stephan Martineire cover art. And Jay also signed it for me! Thanks again Jay! You rock!!

  7. This thread, like the blog, is apparently made of Win.
    Should there be a Hugo for best internet discussion thread?

  8. Footnote to #17: I don’t actually think this is the best Whatever thread ever. I was just stretching for a bridge.

  9. John, Aaron Thul has two up on his Flckr account.

    Email if you don’t know where that is.

  10. I see them. Sadly, I had changed out of my suit by then. But Yanni still looks great.

  11. I checked Google images, and this was the first photo (and there fore the only one that matters)

    You sir, give hope to awkward adolescent boys who want to write.

    Well done sir, well done!

  12. That one is from ConFusion, earlier in the year. The other woman in the picture is Anne KG Murphy, who is also awesome.

  13. See, you’re all getting it wrong.

    She’s at an angle because there is a limit to the height of web pages.

    If she stood straight up, she wouldn’t fit on the web page.

    Also, they apparently had to cut off her legs at the knees. As a consolation, she’s probably got bionic legs now or something.

    Also also, John, why don’t *you* have a “photos” section on your web site?

  14. Hopped over to Mr. Thul’s flickr shots, and behold, Scalzi with a beautiful woman on each arm, neither of which is the awesome wife he gets to go home to.

    I’m envious and impressed that your luck is not limited to your writing.

  15. Jay Lake – I went to a couple of your panels at Worldcon – and I’d say you do a pretty darn good job of treating women like humans and making them laugh. You and Connie Willis together are a treat. :)

    But it does seem that Scalzi courts Amazons. It’s fun to watch.

  16. @26 :: waves back ::

    @27 Thank you. I have a good time, because I figure no one else will have a good time with me if I don’t take the initiative.

  17. Patrick M, you’re the sort of person who would Rick Roll someone, aren’t you? Go on, admit it.

  18. I only clicked through to comment so that I could say “Wow, that Yanni woman sure is pretty,” but I see others have already done that. So, in light of the picture @34:

    Wow, that Yanni woman sure has excellent taste in necklaces.

    Personally, I think someone should have live-fashion-blogged the Hugos, Oscar-night style. From what I’ve seen, there were some truly fabulous threads on display. MRK’s dress was quite lovely and looked smashing on her (and it went oh so well with her plaque and tiara), and I really like the color of the dress Ms. Kuznia was wearing.

  19. You know it’s a sci-fi convention because there’s no way that dress isn’t being held up with anti-grav nanos. Or something.

    How in dog’s name did she do that? *peers at the photo looking for glue.*

  20. Soni @ 38: putting on my costume designer’s hat for a second, it’s pretty easy to do that, actually. You just build a dress that supports itself at the waist/underbust instead of the shoulders. In fact, most strappy and all strapless women’s dresses do that, and it’s clear from the second picture that Yanni’s dress does as well. The one-shoulder strap might help maintain the desired neckline, but it’s not holding the dress up.

    This is also true of bras: they’re held up by the band, not the straps. If the wearer’s shoulders are supporting the weight, she’s doin’ it wrong (or she’s extremely well-endowed. Properly designed bras for very large chests are hard to find).

  21. See, now I /know/ Scalzi is a Bond villain.
    a) Surrounded by Attractive women
    b) has secret lair
    c) secret weapons project! (re: athena and her power fist)
    and most importantly,
    d) miniature starship.

    Which begs the question.. Speaking as a Scotsman, are you suceptible to scottish accents like most bond girls? :)

  22. Douglas @ 42: Like most Americans, I’m a sucker for many accents. Unlike most Americans, I can get you with a dose of your own medicine. *laughs*

  23. Yanni: Careful, I may demand proof, in the interest of Science!!!! (Only accent I’ve found addictive so far is a girl I knew down in louisiana, with a cajun accent. It was a mutual drug habit…)

  24. John, are you fishing for someone to flirt with you?

    Uh, you look smashing in a tie… How does a one land a hot SF writer? Krissy is soooo lucky.

  25. Boss-type: What /else/ do you do on a bored day?
    and I’m @work, so that would be every day.

  26. To be fair, I can’t ever see where Rick Astley WOULD be appropriate. I have never Rickrolled anyone.

    And there are so many better reasons why I am a bad person, why choose this one.

  27. I’ve sent John a link to a picture of him holding his Hugo with Yanni looking on.

    And Yanni, it was nice to meet you, even if you were a bit overprotective of John’s Hugo.

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