In Austin

And I have a view of the pool from my room which is very nice (both the room and the view). And now I will totally ignore the view, because if I don’t get a nap, I suspect I will be a zombie all through ArmadilloCon, which is not how a guest of honor should be.

While I’m snoozing, two links for you:

Jeff VanderMeer debuts his book column on the Huffington Post today, so if you could all click through and give him a boost, I’d appreciate it.

A review of Zoe’s Tale on FantasyBookSpot, which declares: “Zoe’s Tale is far and away Scalzi’s best book yet.” Shucks. I like it too.


Two Notes of Passing Interest

First: I have just completed a novella which may just have the highest concentration of pig crap of any story ever written in the science fiction genre. And it’s not just there for show. No, it plays a critical role in the telling of the story.

I know. Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with me, too.

Second: Will be presently off to ArmadilloCon, so posting is likely to be light to non-existent for the rest of the day (because I intend to travel, and then I intend to sleep).

You kids have fun. See you soon.


SF Bloodsports

It’s Olympics time, so I thought making my AMC column this week on sports in science fiction movies would be both timely and easy to do. So that’s what I did. The end.

As always, if you have something brilliant to say about the subject (and of course you do, how could you do otherwise?), then please leave a comment over on the AMC site. They love it when I get comments over there. And so do I.

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