One thing I notice when I travel quite a bit, as I have recently, is that I become pretty much disassociated from what’s going on in the world. I’m aware of Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt, courtesy of the bar TV last night, but other than that I have very little clue as to what’s going on in the world at the moment, and I’ve really been out of the loop since before Denvention.

This is not, I think, the worst thing ever; the world seems to be getting along without me, and in the mean time, I did write a novella and have been getting other things done. Still, I’d hate to look at the news and see that, oh, say, Russia has invaded a former Soviet republic or something like that. Because that would make me feel out of touch. Fortunately the odds of something like that happening are pretty slim.

On the schedule today: A panel about movies, a signing and a reading. And then, I am led to understand, the consumption of massive quantities of Texas BBQ. Go, disassociation!

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  1. I know just what you mean. It would also be terrible if someone got more gold medals than anyone ever before at a single Olympics while you were out of touch, or if the President and Vice President both died in a pair of mysterious plane crashes.

    (That second one wouldn’t be terrible, actually.)

  2. Had a great time Saturday, couldn’t beieve I got the last copy of Zoe’s Tale in the Dealer’s Room @ 11 AM. Someone seriously underestimated the demand!!!
    Thank you for graciously signing my book, but, you know, this is Texas, and there was a Gun Show in town. Read the 1st 10 pages and you definitely got the 16 yr old female voice nailed! I agree that this is a great accomplishment and a strong indicator of your growth as a novelist. Congratulations.

  3. Concerning your panel on movies. Someone at WorldCon said that Space Chimps was for those whose ages or IQs were counted in single digits. Agree? Disagree? I would ask this at the panel, but I am many hundred miles away.

  4. After the post about someone narrating from the men’s room, I imagined Scalzi writing that post while using the facilities himself.

    Now every time I read one of his short posts I imagine he is writing it from the crapper from some kind of mobile device. This is disturbing.

  5. Something to help you re-associate with the world: ZT has escaped early in Nyack NY (picked up a copy yesterday) :)

  6. Kevin R, I didn’t wish for them. I just said it wouldn’t be terrible.

    To tell you the truth I was just trying give John a “Wait, what?” moment, since he knows he’s missing the world going by.

    John, if this starts a big to-do, it will not upset me if you exercise your absolute E!G!D! right to delete the posts involved, and/or edit them as you choose. I didn’t mean to start a fight, and it appears I may have. My apologies.

  7. I did vaguely think I’d heard the Russians were marching on Atlanta, but that must have been a confusion with Gone With the Wind. [hee]

  8. Anyone starting a pool on how long until Xopher gets a visit from the Secret Service? Also, it didn’t occur to me until just now, but if Bush and Cheney should both happen to perish, Nancy Pelosi becomes president.

  9. “Russia has invaded a former Soviet republic… Fortunately the odds of something like that happening are pretty slim.”

    Yeah, the Ruskies aren’t stupid enough to open a two front war.

  10. er, um, didn’t Russia actually invade Georgia? I could be wrong about that. Maybe they just threatened? Guess I’ll have to actually read the news now. Shucks! I try so hard to maintain my dissociative condition.

  11. Oh, dear, then you haven’t heard. Apparently there’s a been a mysterious conspiracy to destroy all the world’s bacon. It’s apparently a bacteria that liquifies bacon and makes it taste like broccoli. Not only that, it seems to affect breakfast sausage as well. There seems to be no remedy in sight.

  12. It was great to meet you at ArmadilloCon! I’m looking forward to more of your books.

    And I completely managed to disassociate from the news when it became required reading for my government class. Funny how that works.

  13. Jardine @ 14 – wouldn’t that just piss Hillary off!

    El @ 13 – I LIVE in Atlanta, and when the whole thing started it was hard to tell just which Georgia some of the reporters were reporting on. Started to wonder if we should lay in supplies to supplement the leftover Y2K stashes. (yes I really know a couple of people that still have wierd assortments of stuff from then!)

    Besides, who would invade us now…Alabama???

  14. I’ve been unplugged for the last week while at my writing retreat in Toronto, so the news is just hitting me with full force.

    Also my inbox scares me.

    It feels really relaxing to be unplugged though.

  15. I just got home from my vacation, which included Denvention, and I too was vaguely following the Michael Phelps story, but otherwise was mostly out of the loop, news wise. I have to say, it was relaxing to go almost two weeks without hearing much of anything about McCain or Obama.