Loitering in Charlotte

Which sounds dirty if you think about it, but which really means that I’m currently sitting in the Charlotte, North Carolina airport, waiting for my connecting flight back into Dayton. I had to walk all the way into another terminal to get a decent wifi connection, but then again, it’s free, so I shouldn’t complain too much. Barring a resumption of my normal travel karma, I should be back home mid-afternoon. Keep yourselves amused until then.

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  1. Eep. That’s a bad reroute you had there. Hope the rest of the trip (and I hope it’s only one more flight) goes better.

    Don’t have much else to say, except to irrelevantly remark that the first time I ever heard of Charlotte was when I heard the Someko Singers (back home in Okemos, get it?) sing “Charlotte town is burning down, goodbye, goodbye.”

    Actually I’m not at all sure it was the same Charlotte, and I certainly hope it’s not burning down!

    Have a good flight.

  2. Actually, it sounds like he flew US Airways, which has hubs in Charlotte, Philadelphia, and Phoenix. Of those, CLT is probably as decent a place to connect through as any. The real tragedy is that he’s flying USAirways. ;)

  3. Okay, after reading everyone else’s comments on Whatever about buying, reading and finishing Zoe’s Tale, I’m stopping by Books & Co on the way home for my copy. (i figure if i’m going to see Scalzi there next week, i should buy my copy from them)

    I’m not jealous (okay, not much) of folks who picked up their copies at conventions. It’s just finding it in the bookstore before the release date that has me a little green with envy.

    Welcome Home to Southwestern Ohio! Weather has been really nice while you were gone, and it’s supposed to hold for the next few days!

  4. Okay, you’re just down the road from me, John. Greensboro’s only 90 minutes up I-85 from Charlotte, and there are some nice bookstores here…

    CLT’s not my favorite airport, by any means. I’ve sent my kids back to their mother from there too many times for that. Life, what can you do without it?

  5. Doesn’t any airline have connections through anyplace that is actually between Texas and Ohio? Maybe St. Louis or Nashville for instance?

  6. I have family near Dayton, and I lived there for about a year.

    P.S. Just don’t tap your feet in the men’s room and you’ll be fine. ;)

  7. I grew up in Rock Hill, a couple dozen miles down the road from the Charlotte airport. Having been through it at least thirty times (no exaggeration, and I haven’t eved lived thirty years yet), I give you permission to complain about that airport as much as you want. Just be glad you’re only there for a connecting flight and don’t have to deal with baggage claim.

    They do have a Cinnabon, though! Hope the rest of your trip is safe and comfy.

  8. You know, I should have asked this weenie techy question earlier. But what did you use to bond with the Internetz while you were out and about? And do you have your eye on any new gadget to replace/supplement it?

  9. But he loitered once in Charlotte,
    Just so he could fly.

    (Towards a canonical list of Folsom Prison Blues knockoffs.)

  10. Welcome (ever so briefly) to my neck of the woods. I don’t think I’ve ever found the free wifi at the local airport — kudos to you!

  11. “Doesn’t any airline have connections through anyplace that is actually between Texas and Ohio? Maybe St. Louis or Nashville for instance?”

    Airline hub choices that are a in a more direct route:
    American: Dallas, Chicago
    Continental: Cleveland
    United: Chicago
    Northwest: Nashville

    However, we don’t choose airlines by who is closer usually, we choose by who is cheaper or has a better schedule. Or who doesn’t charge us for bags…

  12. Did you use the rocking chairs and are they still there?
    A few years ago, the last time I went through Charlotte.
    There were rockers all over the place for travelers to use.
    A nice thing for visitors.
    However the baggage handling equipment there ate a half of one of my tool bags and the test equipment inside.

  13. Yes, the rocking chairs are still there. There aren’t many rockers in Charlotte, though. Hip-hop and country fans are much more common.

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