Obligatory E-Mail Post, 8/19/08

Okay, I think I’ve caught up on all the e-mail I’ve been delaying returning while at ArmadilloCon and/or Denvention. If you’ve sent e-mail between 8/6 and now and were expecting a response but didn’t get one, now would be the time to resend (except you, Lou Anders — I’m still thinking). Thanks.

9 Comments on “Obligatory E-Mail Post, 8/19/08”

  1. So I guess that means you’re not interested in the V1agr4 and C|ali5 I’m selling at rock bottom prices, eh? You could have at least responded with a “no thank you”… sheesh, and after I entered you in the UK Lottery where you’re a shoe-in for winning a million pounds.

  2. I’ve already noted I have the winners ready and am waiting for a little additional information before I release the news.

  3. From Forish also is great anticipatory in regarding of this hatemail matter! Forish has been totally like a naked dolphin in hot water while waiting. His womanfolk is also completely agogged, Scalzi, and Forish handles anticipatory not well at all. No, sir, and you can say I said so!

    So unbutton yourself of this matter in haste, us otherwise it will be continuing excoriation and woe for all concerned!

    (You have toes, Scalzi, and Forish has not forgotten it. Evil toes.)

  4. I’m sure you’ve already been bombarded with links to this, John, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to post it again, just in case.

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