Zoe’s Tale on Kindle

For all you Kindlers out there: Zoe’s Tale is available on your favorite e-reader.

And now, before you query me about other books, formats, etc: My electronic books primer. Please read.

Update: It’s available on the Sony Reader, too.

Update: Also Mobipocket.


It Has Been Revealed

You will no doubt recall, all of you, that I have been making cryptic pronouncements about a thing that I have done, which was evil yet awesome, which was to have been visited upon one of you.

Now it has been revealed — and it is this:

Yes, yes. A black velvet Wesley Crusher, delivered to none other than Wil Wheaton himself.

Wil tells the tale here. Trust me, you want to read it.

How do I feel?


And awesome.


Man, that’s cathartic.

(Many thanks to Bill Robison, of, for helping to pull this off. Folks, when you think of velvet paintings, for you or your loved ones, think That is all.)

Update, 9am 8/22/08: The thread about this entry on Fark (hi, Farksters!) has some pretty amusing Photoshoppery of the above picture.


It Could Be Made Into a Monster if We All Pull Together As a Team

A little birdie tells me that The Last Colony made the New York Times Bestseller list for mass market paperbacks. It’s on the extended list (i.e., “the part of the list we don’t actually publish in the book section”) but apparently it still counts. So: Hey, I’m a New York Times bestselling author now. Go me.

For everyone who bought the paperback of TLC in the last couple of weeks: Thank you. You’ve made my day. And you’ve sent my marketing and publicity people over the friggin’ moon. For which I also thank you. They’re excellent at what they do. They deserve good days too.


My Dragon*Con and Decatur Book Festival Appearances

As many of you know, I and Tobias Buckell will be parachuting into the Atlanta area on Labor Day weekend to show our faces at the Decatur Book Festival and at Dragon*Con. I now have some idea of my appearances at both, so here they are:

SATURDAY, 8/30: Decatur Book Festival

11:15am -12:00pm: Young Ones to Watch (Kevin J. Anderson, Tobias Buckell, Cherie Priest, John Scalzi), Old Courthouse Stage.

The panel description reads: “Sci-fi master Kevin Anderson will lead this event showcasing three up-and-comers from the next generation of speculative fiction.” Personally, I think it’s nice that at age 39 I still somehow qualify as “young.” I’ve been told that after the panel it’s likely there will be some sort of signing thing going on, so if there is, that’s what I’ll be doing. Regardless, any panel with me and Cherie and Toby is bound to be a hell of a lot of fun.

SUNDAY, 8/31: Dragon*Con

11:30am – 12:30pm: Reading (Roswell Room, the Hyatt)

I’m going to read the first chapter of The High Castle, which is the upcoming novel set in the universe of The Android’s Dream. It went over pretty well at ArmadilloCon. If there’s any time left, and there should be, I’ll answer questions and the like. I’m up against 42 other events going on at the same time, including appearances by Adam West, George Takei and Sean Astin, so let’s just say I’m pretty sure I’m the undercard event in this slot.

So please come see me read, won’t you? Apparently, the room won’t be crowded. You can stretch out and get all the sleep you missed the night before trying to sleep on a hotel room floor with six other people! Which I am led to understand is a Dragon*Con tradition. Which I won’t be partaking in: I have my own room, thank you very much.

No, you may not sleep on my floor. Stop asking. Sheesh.

2:30pm – 3:30pm: Signing (M301 – M304, the Marriott)

You bring it, I’ll sign it. But for form’s sake, it’s better if I wrote it. Books will be available in the Dealer’s Rooms, from what they tell me.

Unfortunately I have to airlift out of Atlanta early Sunday evening, so if you want to say hello, dropping by either one of these will probably be the best way to do it.

So: Will I see you in Atlanta?


Zoë Arrives

Due to hilarious circumstances too wacky and zany to go into here, my author copies of Zoe’s Tale and the paperback of The Last Colony were delayed in getting to me, so the first time I actually laid eyes on finished copies of both were while I was out at Denvention and ArmadilloCon. But upon discovering the delay, the excellent folks at Tor overnighted me some copies of each, and so now they’re home. Here’s Athena, with her copy of Zoe. Book’s dedicated to her, you know.


The Door Into Summer

What a lovely squared-off hole in my house. There used to be a door there; there will yet be another door there, hopefully before the end of the day. For the moment, however: square hole. Hopefully the raccoons will stay out until the door goes up.

I’m mostly posting this so Krissy can see what’s being done to her house in her absence. The rest of you are just along for the ride.


Bang Bang Bang Bang Saw Thump Bang

In my house at the moment are men who, in no particular order:

* Are tearing down one of the doors of my house

* Are sawing through the ceiling

* Are loitering in the master bathroom

Is it a zombie attack? Have I enraged the neighbors with my incessant playing of the new Journey album? Are the political pollsters particularly aggressive this year? None of the above. My wife arranged to have some need home improvements done, and they all decided to arrive on the same day. Now there’s a whole bunch of guys sawing and hammering and tiling and whatnot. This will be going on for most of the day. I’ve already decided that I’m not writing anything today that requires a whole lot of uninterrupted thought.

Meanwhile, Athena is staging a rescue mission:

Her mom is threatening to empty out the basement (a not entirely idle threat, as we had a dumpster delivered today) and Athena was warned that anything she wanted to keep out of the basement she had better bring up. Thus, the sudden population of stuffed animals in the kitchen. These refugees will no doubt be relocated, but considering that the reason that they were exiled to the basement in the first place was that there was no more room for them in Athena’s bedroom, exactly where that relocation will be is up in the air. I suspect Goodwill, eventually, although Athena may need convincing on that score. In the meantime, our kitchen center island overfloweth.

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