Zoë Arrives

Due to hilarious circumstances too wacky and zany to go into here, my author copies of Zoe’s Tale and the paperback of The Last Colony were delayed in getting to me, so the first time I actually laid eyes on finished copies of both were while I was out at Denvention and ArmadilloCon. But upon discovering the delay, the excellent folks at Tor overnighted me some copies of each, and so now they’re home. Here’s Athena, with her copy of Zoe. Book’s dedicated to her, you know.

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  1. Its a sad world when the Father will not let his daughter read one of the ARC’s he has but forces her to wait until the final book is out.

    Sad Sad World.

  2. I picked my copy up at lunch. So far, so “OMG I don’t want to go back to work I want to know what happens next I should never have started the next chapter I am so late!!!!”

  3. The problem I’m having is that I started reading the book during my lunch break today and I just hit chapter 2 and I’m trying to convince myself I shouldn’t call in sick at work so I can keep reading. I knew I shouldn’t have started it!

  4. Are you going to do annother video of talking books where Zoe’s tale faces off against TLC?

    Or how about a shot of all the stuffed animals reading zoe’s tale as well?

    (Man I’m really into backseat blogging today)

  5. I’m not doing any videos today, that’s for sure, because the sound of contractors banging away on my house will pretty much overshadow everything else.

  6. Athena could do a lot worse than being like Zoë. But then, Zoë could do a lot worse than being like Athena!

  7. If I start reading the book, will I and everything else around me turn black and white, too?

  8. The doorbell just rang and my copy has arrived!! Oh, Frabjousness!! Now, do I drop everything and read it or let it tantalize me until evening???

    Thanks, John, for bringing me back to the SF fold, and introducing me to a bunch of new authors across the board. You’re pretty good that way.

    Oh, and good luck on the contractors finishing sooner rather than later.

  9. Aw, man. THe only book dedicated to me is my father’s biochemistry PhD thesis about mutant yeasts that he created.

    Sadly, it’s not nearly as interesting as the phrase “mutant yeasts that my father created” suggests it would be.

  10. Am I the only one who can’t stand reading hardcover books with the dustjacket on? I always take it off and then put it back on when putting it back on the shelf.

  11. Jardine,
    I do too. It drives my wife crazy whenever I catch her with one of my hardcovers and I promptly snatch the book from her and remove the dust jacket. Of course she can’t stand hardcovers in general.

  12. I read it in (practically) one sitting yesterday.

    I laughed (frequently and loudly, possibly to the annoyance of the other patrons of the B&N cafe, where I read the first three chapters). I cried (at home, alone, but if I’d read that part at B&N, I’d’ve still cried). I read bits aloud to friends and family.

    I loved it. Also, I want Zoe to be my friend.

    (I also requested it as an Early Reviewer book on LibraryThing – it would be amusing if I got it there too, especially since I may well post my review before the August ER decisions are made. I could unrequest it, but I won’t; having an ARC of Zoe’s Tale would be cool.)

  13. Edit: I take it back, it’s too late to unrequest it, but I wouldn’t even if I could.

  14. Athena could do a lot worse than being like Zoë. But then, Zoë could do a lot worse than being like Athena!

    Isn’t that like saying that saying Snowball* could be like Trotsky?

    * Animal Farm.

  15. UPS just knocked on my door and left treats. Including ZT. (and Rocket Science, Dogs and Glasshouse) Yeah!

    When I bought TLC and OMW at my local independent bookstore they were signed, because yours truly had been there recently on a book tour and graciously signed their entire stock.

    So what I want to know is why you don’t go by Amazon’s warehouse with a wrist brace and a case of Coke Zero and sign the thousands awaiting shipment there? ;)

  16. I would just like to say that someone simply MUST invent a genre of music called “happy dance”, and they MUST do it NOW.

    That is all.

  17. I finished it, too. Thank you. I love Zoe and Gretchen (which surprised me). I may read this one aloud to my 9 year old. Zoe’s voice will be fun. She’s the teenager I wish I’d been.

  18. I think Zoe was probably around chapter 20 when the picture was taken. It knocked the color out of me.

    I read chapter 20 last night, in bed with both cats – one on each side, each pressing against me. They knew I was sad, they just didn’t know why.

    I know – I knew what was going to happen, but in ZT, unlike in TLC, I hadn’t invested any personal love in [taken out for spoiler qualities — what happens is noted in The Last Colony, but not everyone’s read TLC, or will read TLC before reading Zoe’s Tale — JS], and that informed my emotional reaction to everything that is happening in this, the later third of the book.

    I’m trying to read it slowly, but will probably finish it tonight. I laughed (a lot) while reading TAD, and have enjoyed the Old Man’s War books. I’m really loving Zoe’s Tale.

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