Zoe’s Tale on Kindle

For all you Kindlers out there: Zoe’s Tale is available on your favorite e-reader.

And now, before you query me about other books, formats, etc: My electronic books primer. Please read.

Update: It’s available on the Sony Reader, too.

Update: Also Mobipocket.

15 Comments on “Zoe’s Tale on Kindle”

  1. The best part is that the Kindle edition went out on the same release date as the hardcover.

    Of course, I found the hardcover in a bookstore early, and bought it because in general sometimes the release-on-date happens, sometimes not. This time it did. Woot to that!

    And then I still bought the Kindle version, so that Zoe’s Tale is always with me. It’s the kind of book I would have loved as a teenager. Or in my early 20s. And I love it now. Thus it is perfect.

  2. I used Amazon’s send-a-message-to-the-publisher feature to request that there be a Kindle version of Zoe’s Tale, and now there is one! So I’m taking full credit.

    Post hoc, ergo propter hoc: for some a fallacy, for others a way of life.

  3. Thanks for the alert! I’d been looking for it on Amazon the last couple of days and had just given up. Another sale for you!

  4. Alas, it’s still not available on Fictionwise, which means that (assuming the Mobipocket version has DRM) it’s not available in a format readable on the iPhone.

  5. Zoe’s Tale and The Old Man’s War are available in various formats, but neither The Ghost Brigade nor The Last Colony are. Please do what you can to get them on Sony, Fictionwise, Kindle or Mobipocket. It is much easier to buy them that way.

  6. Damn. I be spoiled by webscriptions. Cannot spend $24.95 on mobipocket for my blackberry. But just spent $15 for the last month of Baen’s releases to get The Last Centurion and also got 4 additional books as part of the deal.

    Tor! Wake up!

    And yes I know this is not a Tor Forum but PNH reads here. And I should really go to Macmillian but I be lazy.

    Question for John. The print edition and the mobi edition are the same price. Do you get more $$$ for the mobi sale since no money spent on pesky printers?

  7. Dunno. Would have to check the contract. Don’t want to bother at the moment.

    And, actually, don’t use this as an ersatz Tor forum. Write them an e-mail or something.

  8. I would but I just got my copy of Zoes Tale on hardcover for my birthday. Can’t wait to read it!

  9. Hardcover and DRM’d e-book at the same price? Get the hardcover! This way, you get a book you can actually own. Plus you can scan it and have the e-text for the same price.

  10. Irene, the Kindle version is $9.99, and is shareable with up to 6 Kindles. For my brothers and I, it’s the cheapest way to read!

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