Further Tales of Home Improvementary

In which we view the seldom-seen formal dining room, wrapped in plastic, awaiting the refinishing of the ceiling. Below the dining room, unseen in this photo, the basement is being emptied of much stuff, most of which is now on its way to the Salvation Army and/or Goodwill, which will no doubt be surprised by the appoximately a metric ton of old clothes, shoes and stuffed creatures that will be dropped upon them. I stayed home because someone has to keep Kodi from chewing on the ceiling spackler. They hate that.

14 Comments on “Further Tales of Home Improvementary”

  1. Ahh, the lamented popcorn ceiling. My dad has been working his way through his house scraping every room’s ceiling. Not fun work.

  2. I have to say, that room does not fit any of my previous mental images of the Scalzi Estate. It always looks so happy and filled with family-clutter, and then suddenly you drop this very formal, fancy dining room on us.

    Do you have a sekrit life filled with dinner parties? Is there a smoking study where the menfolk retire with cigars and brandy?

  3. Ahh, life under plastic: I know it well. We’re living that way in the basement while we wait for the repairs from a water leak to be made. I expect you’ll be out of the holding pattern sooner than we, John.

  4. Wow. You got Athena to part with some stuffed animals? Good going! (My goddaughter’s parents were never any good at getting her to do this.)

  5. Are you doing anything crazy or just making it less textured? I love a renovation picture.

  6. I heard a rumor he’s not renovating – it’s actually a visit by the biohazard team. Something to do with a sighting of the elder gods in the basement?

    How’s typing going in that stupid suit?

  7. Holly:

    We’re just redoing the ceiling because some water damage is being fixed. Nothing particularly exciting.

  8. Scrobe John Scalzi:

    I stayed home because someone has to keep Kodi from chewing on the ceiling spackler. They hate that.

    Well, it does teach them [ceiling spackler(s)] the importance of texturing the spackle… especially if they master the art of clinging to well-textured ceiling spackling.

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