Reminder: Ann Arbor Appearance Sunday (and Dayton Tuesday) (Oh, and Lexington Friday)

If you live in Ann Arbor, and your Sunday is looking to be a vast expanse of nothingness punctuated bathroom breaks, I would like to take this moment to remind you that at 2pm Sunday at Ann Arbor’s Downtown Library branch, Toby Buckell, Paul Melko and I will be on hand to talk about the current state of science fiction and to sign books which will also be available to purchase, through the good graces of Nicola’s Books.

You folks are in for a treat, since I’ve done panels and presentations with Toby and Paul (who did a mighty thing by allowing himself to be roped in when Karl Schroeder had to step away), and it’s always a heck of a lot of fun. It’s hard to imagine you won’t be entertained. This is my only public appearance in Michigan for the rest of 2008; after this comes college football season and then anyone from Ohio is looked upon with suspicion until after the bowls. I suspect that Toby and Paul will be likewise embargoed for their Ohio citizenship. So get us while you can.

Folks in the Dayton area (and surrounding environs), remember that Toby and I will be making a stop at Books & Co at the Greene (that’s the big new one, in the big new shopping mall) on Tuesday, August 26 at 7pm. We’ll be reading and signing and schmoozing. And then Paul Melko joins us again and the three of us descend on Lexington, Kentucky on Friday, August 29 at 7pm at the Joseph-Beth there, for more science fictional hijinx and zaniness. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you again about these two, probably on Monday.

Hope to see you at one or the other of these, that is, if you’re actually sort of near these appearances. I don’t expect you to fly in from, say, Phoenix or Anchorage. But if you did, well, I guess that would be fine, too.

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  1. “If you live in Ann Arbor, and your Sunday is looking to be a vast expanse of nothingness punctuated bathroom breaks…”

    A market segmentation that makes up 100% of the population is not a market segment.

  2. Wait, regarding Books & Co: “that’s the big new one, in the big new shopping mall”…I used to live in Yellow Springs and I’ll be back in a couple of weeks to visit. Where’s the new Books & Co.?

  3. I plan on being there. I will be the one in the front row, trying to restrain my fannish need to not blink so as not to miss an instance of the Scalzi-ness that is you.
    Well, that might seem a little needy. I will be in the middle row, cursing the crowds that lie in between me and thee. Nope, still too needy.
    I’ve been looking forward to this since you mentioned it. My wife is teaching at Michigan this year, and I happen to be helping her move in this weekend. It’s a busy afternoon as after your appearance, I am off to hear my brother in law’s recital. Busy, busy, busy. But I’ll try and remain normal. I am sure that will be appreciated by all and sundry.
    That’s about right. See you Sunday.

  4. 2.Chryss – The new Books & Co. (don’t worry, the old one is still open) is at The Greene, which is across from the KMart at Dorothy Lane and Stroop, just off I-675. It’s freaking HUGE, and done up like a mini-town. (one of my girlfriends calls them ‘Stepford Malls’) Their website is (yup, even shopping center’s have websites)

  5. Hi John, I will definitely be there, probably with my husband who never, ever read SF until I pushed OMW on him and now he’s hooked.
    I didn’t get a chance to say hi to you at WorldCon because you were always surrounded by people either excited or awed and I couldn’t get close. I didn’t try too hard, though, because I knew you’d be in Ann Arbor soon, and only a few blocks from my house. But I did get to witness you in a SUIT at the Hugo awards. (Yes, friends, he really did wear a suit, and looked mighty snazzy in it, too.) Congrats on the Hugo!
    As for living in Ohio, you are correct that it’s safer for you to stay out of Ann Arbor during football season. {grin} I do suggest, for your own safety, that you not wear an Ohio State shirt this Sunday.

  6. Ron, given my general tardiness in mailing things, I don’t think you want me to pick anything up for you there.

  7. I leave for a road trip out West on Tuesday and I’m bummed that I’ll miss the signing in Dayton. Hope it goes well. Catch ya next time.

  8. You’re quite the moving target lately. I hope that means you genuinely enjoy it all. Alternatively, you could be harbouring a deep-seated rage and hostility for the marketing process and we all get to sit back and wait for you to go postal.

    Tell me John, how do you really feel?

  9. You’re quite the moving target lately

    He’s just trying to find excuses to stay out of the house until the construction and renovation is done. He’s a well known slacker and watching all that work is making him itchy.

  10. SoCal, dammit! Visit SoCal! Someplace within driving distance of my house! Argh!

    (bring Schroeder and Buckell, who are also New Gods afaic)

    Jerry (SF Readers In San Diego Too, Ya Know!) H.

  11. Hi John,
    I note you’re going to be in the Joseph Beth store in Lexington. Half way between the Dayton Books & Co and the Lexington Joseph Beth store is the Cincinnati Joseph Beth store, which is the one I’d be able to reach. Just thought you’d be eager to know….. ;-)

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