From the “Dogs! And Cats! Living Together!” File

Zeus and Kodi don’t care what you think of their relationship. Just ask them.

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  1. I can almost read their minds…
    Kodi: Ugh he’s got the camera out AGAIN… bring me bacon dangit!
    Zeus: You woke me from my nap for this? That couch looks like it could sharpen my claws quite nicely. Bring me tuna human!

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    Chang, cranky.

    My cat, George, and the dog, Sparky, are secretly in love. The cat wants no one to know about it and the dog doesn’t care who knows. Typical.

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  5. O Great Scalzi, what an excellent picture of TempCat Zeus slumming with the ungifted-in-the-species department, namely Anteater-Thing.

    His charitable nature has clearly been improved by Her Shimmering Glorious Radiant Perfection.

    However, it is clear that you have backslid in your photographic skills and require some coaching:

    1. TempCat Zeus should be centered in the frame and should occupy most of it.

    2. The Anteater-Thing should be implied, not actually seen.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

    PS – A reminder that your current Seal of Approval Award expires at the end of this month is in order. We expect you will make some offerings very shortly for our evaluation.

  6. Nice picture! It’s always lovely to see a wonderful dog guarding her family’s pets. I’ll bet anyone who threatens Zeus would get a laser beam up the nose.

    Kodi Appreciation Society

  7. Zeus: “Our relationship? Uh, let’s say a warm, fuzzy pillow is nice, whatever the species. And that dog squirms less than some cats I could name…”

    Kodi: “Yeah, this cat is youngish and needs a responsible presence, y’know. Just like a puppy. Plus, I like cuddling.”

    Both (shaking head): “Paparazzis, eh…”

  8. I often catch Wink, my one-eyed cat, grooming my hound Chi, who just sits there and lets the cat lick all over her face and eyes and paws. Sometimes they see me watching, and stop quickly, as though embarrassed. As if I’d tell!

  9. Zeus, Kodi, I was wondering whether you care what I think about your relationship. Any comment?

    (I can’t believe nobody asked yet. I don’t think Scalzi is bluffing…but if he were, that is what I’d think, isn’t it?)

  10. Sweet picture, but it makes me sad. My kitty used to secretly love snuggling with my dog. She’s been depressed and listless ever since he passed away. Not that she’d ever admit it. Typical cat.

  11. With all the combined fur flying around your house you should consider finding someone that spins fur into yarn and knit sweaters and mittens and scarves.

  12. I love seeing posts like this. My cat used to love to snuggle next to my Golden Retriever. When the cat was a kitten it even would suckle on him. :) It was funny.

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