Books v. Blogs, Atlanta Style

Just in time for Dragon*Con and the Decatur Book Festival, Creative Loafing, Atlanta’s alternative weekly, has done a long meditation on the subject of books and blogs and how the two interact with each other, and the article features pithy quotes from Cherie Priest, Rich Tommaso and me. And yes, Bacon Cat is referenced, because I know how much all of you love that. The article is here, and there is no small irony in the fact, as I understand it, that the online version is longer and more comprehensive than the print version. Oh, Internets. You have such infinite newshole.

And for extra recursive fun, here’s a related entry about author blogs on Fresh Loaf, the Creative Loafing blog, focusing on authors who will be at the Decatur Book Festival. Enjoy.

6 Comments on “Books v. Blogs, Atlanta Style”

  1. I love author blogs and have ended up going from the blog of an author I already read to the blog of some other author they link to, to buying the other authors books. I love the internet. :)

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