Back Home

And very tired. That said, I had a lovely time in Atlanta and Decatur. Thanks, Georgia, for having me.

And that’s that for August, my month of Self-Promotional Travel. Now I get three straight weeks of doing nothing but staying home. Sounds good to me.

7 Comments on “Back Home”

  1. May we presume that during those 3 weeks of leisure, you will get around to posting the winners in the hate mail contest?

  2. No! Never! Stop asking!

    No, seriously, up tomorrow. I finally have the artwork I was waiting for.

  3. Hope that “lovely time in Atlanta and Decatur” finds you revisiting our state. I had high school football game duty, out-of-state Filipino martial arts training, and a family reunion that shoved aside the ‘con for me this year. Alas . . . there shall be another . . .

  4. 3 Weeks of staying at home, relaxing and churning out more bizarre wonderful fiction right?
    Personally I’d like to see some Frontier era robots (robots wearing buckskin and toting flintlocks) battling Spartan Zombie Vampires.

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