Daily Archives: September 1, 2008

“Hate Mail” Winners

Yes, finally! There are four winners of the “Send Me Hate Mail” contest, three of whom will have their hate mail entries included inside the book, and one of whom will have theirs on the back cover. The winners are, in no particular order: C. Rader Nicole the Wonder Nerd CB Alternative Eric S. For […]

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Speaking of Governor Palin

In no particular order: 1. The rumors that Governor Palin is actually the grandmother of her most recent child rather than the mother are appallingly stupid, so if you believed them even for a minute, please hit yourself on the head with a hammer. Hard. Twice. 2. Palin’s “The Internets are saying idiotic things about […]

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Next Vice President

Krissy, engaging in some Sarah Palin cosplay. No, not really. In real life, she’s about to officiate a wedding. She’s got a certificate to do it in Ohio and everything. But when she came into my office dressed up all conservative-like, well. Finally I knew who had my vote. So vote Krissy in ’08. Because […]

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Whateveresque Registration Tomorrow

I usually open up registration for Whateveresque, the Whatever reader’s discussion forum, on the 1st of the month, but since today’s a holiday, I’m going to punt it until tomorrow. So tomorrow (probably from around 10am to 10pm), you’ll be able to get a membership there. Try to remain calm until then.

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Whatever X, Day I

September marks the 10th year of Whatever, and also the release of the site’s ten-year retrospective Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded, both of which occur, officially, on September 13. To celebrate both, I’m instituting a special feature for the entire month of September: Whatever X: A Whole Damn Decade of Things and Stuff. Each […]

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