“Hate Mail” Winners

Yes, finally!

There are four winners of the “Send Me Hate Mail” contest, three of whom will have their hate mail entries included inside the book, and one of whom will have theirs on the back cover. The winners are, in no particular order:

C. Rader

Nicole the Wonder Nerd


Alternative Eric S.

For the winners, what you need to do is send an e-mail to Bill Schafer at subpress@gmail.com with your contact information, so we can get you set up with your fabulous, fabulous prizes. Congratulations to all of you, and thanks everyone for playing!

24 Comments on ““Hate Mail” Winners”

  1. We had to wait for this?

    Seriously though, kudos to the winners. Special mention to Alternative Eric S., a LOL moment for sure.

  2. I’m so excited for Nicole. I plan to slip into her living room, shout “Look, it’s Superman” and put her prize into my purse and sneak it away while she isn’t looking.

    She’s practically family, I can do that! (My kid calls her the Big Sister He Never Wanted.)

    Actually, she promised to autograph her hate mail when my copy arrives. She’s humble that way!

    Hooray for all the winners!

  3. “Chew on someone else’s hemorrhoids”? What a sick puppy! That one needs to go on the cover of the book.

  4. Oh, man, I have never felt like such a rock star in my own mind.

    I rule, yes I do. Tomorrow, it’s back to being an anonymous and somewhat useless engineer… but tonight, I’d like to thank the Academy…


  5. Congratulations to all the winners!I just re-read them, and I think C. Rader was channeling Spider Jerusalem when s/he wrote that little gem.

  6. Gah. Have got to practice being more hateful.

    “Chewing someone else’s hemorrhoids” is so beautifully hateful, though. I bow.

    Congrats to the winners!

  7. For my part, when I purchase a copy of Hate Mail from the remainder bins of the rat infested second hand book store in my town, I shall rip out all pages written by scalzi and keep only those pages upon which the winners’ hate mail resides, thus make that sucky, banal, pile of bilious orangutang droppings and asparagus-scented piddlings worthy of reading again.

  8. Thank you @9 AntonGarou for that beautiful comparison. It’s such an honor… I especially liked Alternative Eric S. For the record, I be a he. Trouble is, whenever I show the piece to people I work with, they spit up a little, then look at me oddly, and move away. Sigh.

  9. Well goddam. So that’s how it’s done. No fair! They made up all that shit. That’s not HATE. At least not the way *I* would have done it. Dahyum.

  10. Wow. C. Rader’s is stunningly imaginative. And the rest are no slouches either. Wow. Bravo, guys and gals. Well deserved reward for your vitriol.

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